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June 6, 2009

Terror Threat Continues at US Borders

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As the number of Americans who remember the horror of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington almost eight years ago dwindles, the US borders are practically as porous as ever — and the terrorists know it. Even …

Withdrawing from Afghanistan

Filed under: War On Terror - 06 Jun 2009

The United States is in the early stages of a concerted effort to salvage the war in Afghanistan. A new commander has been charged with executing a fresh strategy, the number of U.S. military personnel committed to the fight is …

Obama Has ‘Expiration Date’ For His Religion, Too?

After spending three years running away from his past, Barack Hussein Obama is now nominally a Muslim again. At least that is the message that ABC’s Jake Tapper has discovered in the new, new way in which the Obama administration …

Dr. Tiller: Let’s Not Make Him a Martyr

Blame for Dr. Tiller’s murder is flying around like the sands of a Mojave dust storm most of it is hyper and unreasonable and it is begging for some legitimate balance. Is there any?

Sotomayor Pick Offends Many Aggrieved Groups

Sonya Sotomayor has become a household name now that she has been nominated to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court. A Hispanic Woman who we are constantly told has a wonderful back-story, Sotomayor’s qualifications for the …