“Parenting” VS. “Presidenting”

By: Rev. Lou Shelton

by Rebecca Giltner

This may seem a broad comparison, so take it with a grain of salt- as with most everything in government these days. However, it is actually quite serious. I am not a world power. In fact I am really quite insignificant to most of the world. I am a mother to eight children, whose main job is to keep the house running smoothly, making sure all our needs are taken care of, such as meals, clean clothing, scheduling bath times, shuttling kids to where they need to be, making sure schoolwork is done, and keeping peace on any issue that may arise. Most importantly, I am in charge of keeping these children safe from harm both at home, and from others away from home, and teaching them about life, and shaping them into the people they will be as adults. I may not be important to the rest of the world, but the children I raise could be the doctor who discovers a cure for HIV, or the soldier that protects you from invasion on our soil.

Every night before I go to sleep I pray for patience, because I do not always have the patience to handle things as I should. I pray for wisdom, because I am not wise enough alone to give the right answer to every situation I encounter, and I pray for righteousness so that I may set a good example, as I fail daily in my attempts to do this. I also pray for the health and well being of these children and my significant other so that we can experience all that life has to offer, and broaden our experience so that we may be able to appreciate what we have, and give more of ourselves to others.

This is not much different than the responsibility our President has to America. His responsibility is on a much larger scale, however each facet is the same. He is responsible for setting an image of strength to keep us safe. president Obama is responsible for keeping America running smoothly, with food for us to eat, places for families to live, and jobs to allow us to afford these neccessities. I do not give handouts to my children, I give them chores so that they learn work ethics, and once they succeed at these chores, I give them opportunity to take extra jobs to earn money. I also give them the opportunity to fail, and learn from their failures, as this makes them work harder, and become better people. I do not bail them out, because I have learned form my previous experince that they will expect me to continue bailing them out, and stop putting forth their best efforts to succeed if they have no real consequences to failure.

President Obama is not responsible for doing our laundry, however he is responsible for not airing our dirty laundry in a way that demeans this country. Just as each of us has done, every leader has made errors in judgment. This is not a failure, or something to use for condemnation, but instead a chance for growth and learning. When one of my children makes a mistake or a bad choice, they have consequences. These consequences are learning experiences. i do not condemn or embarrass them for mistakes, I teach them how to fix the mistake, and move on in a way that the mistake was learned from, and hopefully not repeated.
Our President is also responsible for shuttling Americans to where we need to be- the soldiers on foreign soil, fighting to keep us safe are his direct responsibility. By leaking sensitive information, he is putting every American life, both here and on foreign soil, at risk.

His tone is setting the image for how America is perceived, both by Americans, and by other countries. He is shaping us into a nation of weakness, subservience, and embarrassment, instead of praising our goodness, sacrifice, and hope.
I know I am just a mom, but maybe our President could take a few lessons on actions as a leader. I also believe he should rethink his view on our faith as a nation. He is one of a few who wish to disclaim our Christianity. As with many issues, he clearly puts his own goals and wishes, and even policies, ahead of the majority, and even ahead of common sense. As our country has been defined, it is “sacrifice few for the good of many”- not the other way around.

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