Fighting Against a Liberal Smear Campaign

By: Craig Chamberlain

The left can barely contain their glee. In the course of just a couple of weeks George Tiller, a notorious abortionist, was murdered and and anti semitic lunatic shot up the Holocaust museum, killing a guard. As soon as the stories broke the assassins were immediately described as being “right wing” and blaming their madness on conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh. Who’s listeners are supposedly a deranged army only waiting for a command for El Rushbo to march out and overthrow the Republic. As we have come to understand it modern American language(especially to the media) “right wing” means anyone who would have the gall to be against the progressive agenda.

But is that really true? American conservatives are committed to a narrow interpretation of the constitution, scaling back federal power, lower taxes, school choice, support for Israel, and fighting Islamic terrorists who want to murder Americans. So now because two fringe lunatic the left wants all conservatives to be labeled as terrorists, and special hate crime bills to make sure that conservatives can never speak out again. Forget the Jihadists who murdered 3000 Americans, silence half of the American population because of two members of the lunatic fringe.

Were these two murderers even right wingers? The mainstream media has done its level best to identify these men as members of the religious right, and card carrying members of the GOP. Mr. Von Brunn was no Christian, he believed that Christianity was a Jewish plot to weaken the fighting spirit of the white race. This is a common belief among white supremacists. Hitler and Himmler bemoaned the fact that Germany was a Christian nation. They wished that it had remained pagan or that the Muslims had conquered it. They both believed that either religion would make it easier to stir the German people to violence. This anti semitic lunatic hated christians as much as he hated jews, yet somehow he’s supposedly under the control of the religious right, the one thing he did like was socialism. Sounds like he fits right in with the Democrats.

Now as to George Tiller(this man did not deserve the title of Doctor anymore than Joseph Mengele or Che Guevara did) he should not have been murdered. Pro life groups instantly condemned the killing. But let’s tell the cold hard truth about Mr. Tiller. He was a killer. He enriched himself on murdering defenseless human beings, and he did it all with a sadistic glee. His abortions were rarely- if ever- medically necessary, it just seems he enjoyed murdering babies. You see that’s the thing about being a leftist, you’re never wrong in the eyes of the media, you never have to apologize for anything you say or do, and you can kill people and become a wealthy man, and a celebrity. Just look at William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist, (a LEFT WING terrorist it should be noted), who murdered and planned to murder more than he did. Abortionists have killed around 50 million Americans since Roe V. Wade, while about 5 abortionists have been killed. Fifty million unborn killed by the left or five killed by the lunatic fringe, and somehow it’s the conservative movement that’s out to destroy America.

Conservatives constantly have to put up with Ad Hominem attacks on themselves, see their families dragged through the mud, just ask the Palins, and see themselves threatened or blacklisted if they stand up to the left, just ask the Mormons out in California. It has been the left that has been in the revolutionary mindset, and preaching violence, for decades. Ward Churchill blasting the victims of 9-11 as “little eichmann’s” the left didn’t apologize for that. William Ayers murdering people to overthrow America and no one has apologized for that, crazy professors calling for a “million Mogadishu’s” and the left didn’t apologize for that. Are we seeing a pattern? It’s the left that has the propensity for violence and they are the ones that glorify it. The Holocaust Museum wasn’t shot up by a conservative, it was shot up by a Jew hating, Christian hating, socialist. That doesn’t sound like a conservative, it sounds like someone on Daily Kos or the Huffington Post.

The left has to resort to these attacks, because they don’t have an intellectual, or moral, leg to stand on. Conservatism didn’t order the killing of George Tiller, and it didn’t inspire Mr. Von Brunn. The left wants to paint everyone with a wide brush, everyone who is against them must be a fascist. If you want anti semitism and violence, look to the left, not talk radio and the pro life movement.

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