Why Does America Need Czars

By: Ken Hughes

What is a Czar and why do we need them? This is a question that’s been plaguing me since I discovered Obama had appointed 19 so far. First of all what is a Czar and why does Obama feel the American people need Czars? We’ve lived on this continent for over 375 years without the need of government determining our every move and thought. America started as a band of malcontents unwilling to accept lives programmed for them by a King and his Czars. Now we find ourselves in the same position as when the Pilgrim’s came to this continent aren’t we becoming subjects of a new monarchy? We have two choices, find a new planet to migrate to or stay and fight, all the continents are inhabited now we’re down to one choice. The arrogance of power isn’t anything new, it started when the Neanderthals were wiped out by the Humanoids and continues today as humans turn on humans. Power is mans aphrodisiac, it’s an obsession with many ambitious men. The graveyards and the history books are filled with such men. My point being no one is immortal they only dream of immortality.

Personally on a scale from 1 to 10 I rate Obamas intellect between 3.4 and 4.3 however I must say those programming the president are political geniuses. They are indeed capable of turning a sows ear into a silk purse. Obama’s speaking style is more animated than skilled. It’s meant to keep his audiences hanging in anticipation for his next word, a style used by dictators throughout history. Having figured this out it stands to reason there’s someone’s operating the teleprompter directing our Robot President as he performs his act. The Obama arrogance is monumental to say the least. This week he personally as much as claimed his Cairo speech was in the same category as Moses prayers to God to part the Red Sea, he took credit for improvements in Middle East relations that haven’t happened yet. For Obama to think he can do what Gods profits haven’t been able to do in thousands of years is beyond anyone’s belief. The man is only a dreamer of Sainthood.

These Czars Obama is appointing are invading the territory of congress, just how long congress will tolerate being sent to bed without their supper is questionable. This nation has always lived by the rule of law. The constitution and congress have always provided us with our laws, now the Czars are moving in taking over the duties of congress with no more authority than President Obama said so. I would point out to our neophyte president that isn’t how it’s supposed to work. This nation is a Democratic Republic as in Democrats and Republicans and above both are the people, not necessarily just one Liberal Democrat. We are also a Judeo Christine society, no where in any of the founder’s writings does it mention Islam, Muhammad or Allah. If Muslims were omitted from the Declaration of Independence it was for a reason I’m sure it was because their beliefs didn’t fit into the American dream. The founders did make room for Muslims and all religions in the first amendment.

The founding fathers made room for a lot in the preamble to the constitution, first and foremost it made room for “WE the People” as a matter of fact those are the first words in the constitution. There’s no mention of a president and congress having authority over the people the constitution clearly indicates by and for the people. The seven articles and the tenth amendment were explicitly written to limit the powers of the government over the people. The constitution has only been amended 16 times in 204 years. Obama changes his mind more times than that in a single day. Both Obama and the 111th congress need lessons in constitutional interpretation and yes the public needs to learn what the Founding Fathers and the Minute Men sacrificed to make sure Americans could live free and prosper for all the generation to come.

This can only be taken from us if we allow it to be taken.

America is either at the beginning of the worst depression in our history or nearing the end of a serious rescission, either way a lot of people are getting burnt and are going to have to alter their lifestyles. For years creditable economists have been warning of a coming serious economic down turn and those in charge refused to listen. Now it’s here everyone is looking for someone else to blame. We the people are to blame for not practicing restraint on our wants and for not holding congress and presidents accountable for their excesses. When the government and citizens discovered “charge now pay later” the race was on credit card mania was born. The age of entitlement had arrived, everyone got now what they thought they deserved with little regard for the cost or that one day they would have to pay the bill.

America’s credit binge was being financed by Pacific Rim Countries and by the Oil Producing Countries. Selling America the junk they demanded meant an imbalance in trade dollars. Where were these countries going to get rid of all those American dollars except by purchasing United States Treasury Bonds? T-Bills were all America had left to sell it had previously given away its manufacturing base to the very people who were now bankrupting the nation. In a fit of environmental conscience the congress refuses to allow oil drilling on American soil. No one’s explained why American soil is more deserving of protection than other countries soil after all we are the worlds largest consumer of petroleum based fuels. Would I be out of line thinking this is all about politics and not what’s in the best interest of the country?

How are two or three dozen or a hundred dozen Czars going to control 300 [plus] million of the worlds most innovatively independent people. This nation was borne and has prospered because the word freedom has been burned into the brain of every American child from birth. Thousands of children around the world grow up dreaming of one day becoming an American. The world has always know to be an American is to be free to do as you wish, now that’s being taken away from us by an over zealous neophyte who would be King, “Barack Hussein Obama”.

First they came for the immigrant down the road, then they came for my politically misguided neighbor and now they’re coming for me. This can change in 2010 when America wakes up to what real changes are necessary and throws incumbents in congress out and start fresh, it’s the only way to go and remain the free America we all love.

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