Immigration Groups Issued Advisory on Shawna Forde before Killings


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, one of American largest grassroots immigration enforcement groups, issued national warnings about Shawna Forde and her key ally Jim Gilchrist of Minuteman Project months prior to her charges of double homicide in Arizona.

“We knew there was something very wrong with Shawna Forde and did all in our power to forewarn groups and leaders ,as well as press and law enforcement, regarding our concerns,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “Shawna Forde does not reflect the immigration enforcement movement or the millions of Americans concerned about illegal immigration and border security.”

ALIPAC issued national advisories and conducted a two hour radio broadcast warning about Shawna Forde and Jim Gilchrist, when the two tried to circulate photos and a story that Forde had been attacked and raped by a Latino gang in retaliation for her involvement in the immigration enforcement movement. Gilchrist was also an active endorser and campaigner for the Mike Huckabee for President campaign in 2008. He has been rapidly removing supportive materials and comments by Shawna Forde from his website over the last few days (Screen shots available upon request).

ALIPAC leads the largest coalition effort among immigration enforcement groups in America and had only recently heard of Shawna Forde.

“Forde came on our radar earlier this year when she started working with Jim Gilchrist and then shortly after when she started circulating suspect photos of alleged injuries from an attack,” said William Gheen. “We manage the largest archive of information in existence on these topics and our researchers red flagged Shawna and Gilchrist’s story for many reasons which led to our national advisory.”

Shawna Forde was shunned by the vast majority of groups she encountered in the immigration enforcement movement. She founded her own group and unfortunately found an ally in Jim Gilchrist Co-Founder of the Minutemen. Gilchrist has fervently supported Forde over the last six months, despite the outcry and opposition of many groups and leaders.

Several groups and leaders that are part of the NIIBC (National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition) found at fought Gilchrist over his support and elevation of Shawna Forde, including Jeff Schwilk of San Diego Minutemen, Chelene Nightingale of Save Our State, and many others who were aware of the situation. Minuteman Civil Defense Corps also threw Shawna Forde out several years back.

“At this point, we want police to fully investigate Mr. Gilchrist’s involvement with Shawna Forde and we want him to fully resign from all activities within our movement.”, said William Gheen the director of the largest coalition of such groups in America. “We are preparing a letter calling for his departure and we expect it to be signed by many groups and leaders.”

ALIPAC extends their condolences to the many victims of Shawna Forde and reminds the press and the nation that all efforts were made to keep people like Shawna out of immigration politics. Shawna Forde is an unstable person who is not reflective of others who want illegal immigration stopped. Shawna Forde and the tragedy she caused should not diminish concerns for the thousands of Americans killed by illegal aliens each year, which is where public policy attentions should be focused.

ALIPAC is releasing the following documentation of prior advisories on Gilchrist and Forde.

Announcement: Jan. 5th 2009
LEADERS: Shawna Forde Story Advisory

Announcement: Feb 24, 2009
ALIPAC: Jim Gilchrist Minuteman Project Damages Escalate

March 8, 2009 Radio Show warning the nation about Gilchrist and Shawna
Forde (Audio Files)

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