Iranian Patriots Will Get No Help From Obama

By: Craig Chamberlain

Most people, except for some fascist stooges at the politico, realize that the Iranian election was rigged. It was rigged so badly that even Vice President Biden sees that it was rigged. When you can’t fool the Vice President you know you’ve done a bad job. We are to believe that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won with over 60% of the vote when the race was considered neck and neck, unemployment was at 40%, Iran is isolated from the rest of the world, and things are only getting worse. They also expect people to believe that Ahmadinejad won every single province. That bastions of the opposition, such as North Tehran, were carried by Ahmadinejad.

That’s nonsense. The people voted for Mousavi, but the Guardian council-the real ruling body of Iran- wanted nothing to do with him. The Mullahs want to reboot the revolution, to go back to the heady days of 1979 when the people were gripped by an enthusiasm for what the Mullahs promised. When the people were willing to fight and day for an Islamic state. They find it easier to get to that point with a holocaust denying, bomb building, hidden Imam watching, militarist than with Mousavi, who had been with the revolution in the beginning and realized that the revolution was a dud.

Now, this really isn’t about Mr. Mousavi. Even if they had declared him the winner there would have been little or nothing he could do to change the status quo. The unelected Guardian Council has shown the world in what direction it wants to go. They believe that they have an obligation to launch a jihad so the Hidden Imam will return and Islam will rule the world.

What this is really about is the Iranian people suffering under a fascist totalitarian state for the last 30 years, and are now beginning to try and free their country and assert their basic, inalienable human rights. It’s also about Washington’s reaction. What are they going to do? In 1956 the people of Hungary were revolting against their communist oppressors. President Eisenhower, more concerned with stability with the USSR, did nothing, and the government cracked down keeping the people in chains until the end of the Cold War.

In 1989 the people of China took to Tiananmen Square, protesting for Democracy and human rights. President George H. W. Bush, listening to his advisors(all schooled in realpolitik) and not wanting to ruin trade relations with China said nothing. The government cracked down and the communists are still in charge to this day.

Will President Obama follow the same example? Almost certainly. President Obama has only offered the weakest support to the Iranian patriots, and he is still naive enough to believe that he can reach an accommodation with Iran. The Dear Leader believes that he will succeed where all others have failed. He’s going to heal the planet, remember?

All he will accomplish is to allow the most militant and fascistic elements of Iran, such as the revolutionary guard, to cement their control over the country and restart their vile revolution with all the terror and bloodshed that came along with it. This is a chance to put a stake in the heart of the Iranian theocracy, but President Obama is all too willing to see the people crushed and these tyrants to continue their reign.

Someone in Washington, it should be President Obama, needs to stand by the Iranian Patriots fighting for their freedom. If the regime realizes that no one will lend even moral support to the anti fascist cause they will use all of their force to reassert their control to stop these patriotic protests. The Iranian nightmare will continue. President Obama can prevent that, he can give the Iranian patriots a chance, all he needs to do is speak up.

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