Congress Is Dropping The Anchor On Obama

By: Ken Hughes

There seems to be discontent in the House of Pelosi. Her ability to bulldoze the house members is beginning to show some cracks. Her solid partisan votes may be a thing of the past. How is this going to affect the Obama agenda? It was one thing for Obama and the 111th congress to intimidate a handful of Car Salesman looking to make a quick buck, it’s quite another to fool 300 million bright citizens. Congress forced lenders into the situation they found themselves in by requiring them to make loans based on social engineering and not sound lending practices. Politicians traditionally buy votes by giving goodies to their constituents in pork spending legislation it’s always been one of congresses rights of passage. Obama has taken this privilege way beyond reasonable standards. When we were living in the best of times the public turned a blind eye to the excess of presidents and congress. Americans are the most giving people on earth, only when their gifts are voluntary when giving is government mandated it generates a Tea Party mentality of defiance against an undisciplined arrogant authority.

Obama and the 111th congress started this administration by creating an atmosphere we could call “The Parade of the Clowns”. They hit the road running in a thousand different directions. Pelosi, Reid and Obama were all vying for the position of Alpha Dog. For eight years the house and senate delighted in poking objections at George Bush. Obama has replaced congress with his band of Czars who are now making the critical decision normally worked out in bipartisan deliberations in congress? In the current administration congress has become irrelevant to Obama sharing in the function of governing. He believes as president he alone has the power of decision making. How long will congress be willing to sit in the background and watch their world sail by or have they finally woke up and smelled the stench of Obamnomic?

The thing that’s finally brining congress around to act in a manor they were intended to act is Obama’s obsession with health care. Every congress person knows there is nothing wanting about America’s medical establishment, in fact they’re all aware it’s the best system in the world. Most congress parsons know if the government bureaucrats get control of our medical system it will go from the best to an absolute disaster. Relying on government is like relying on an alcoholic Uncle for advice on abstinence. Government bureaucratic minds seldom wonder beyond the beltways of Washington, Washingtonians are a tribe unto themselves they have little or no understanding of the real world that stretches from coast to coast. These are not the people the public wants determining their health needs and most congress persons are well aware of the fact. Would a congress person be willing to accept waiting in line to see a doctor, I think not.

Health care has been a political red hearing for the past 75 years. There are very good reasons why it has never become the responsibility of bureaucrats to administer health care, first to much of the economy is reliant on the nations ills. And second the pharmaceutical industry is one of congresses main means of political contribution. Dry up pharmaceutical research and it dries up political campaign contributions. All medical functions rely of making a profit to survive and flourish, remove the profit and replace it with rationing as nearly all other state sponsored health care systems around the world, when the need to control costs become to great late term abortion and euthanasia will surely follow.

The health care data being used by the Obama administration is flawed to the point it’s useless. The supposed 45 to 50 million uninsured has several unreported categories, there’s a lot of rhetoric / speculation and few facts in these estimates. One of the facts many people look at is the American public is insured up to their ears. Every phase of our public lives is insured in one way or another. Then there’s the fact most people don’t use health care insurance until they reach middle age, cuts, burses and broken bones are covered by workman’s comp or liability insurances. The benevolence of the American people and the Medial Community is enough to take care of most of the unusual cases.

If the government feels the need to protect everyone’s health why not do it on case by case bases, why make everyone the victims of one more over bloated government bureaucracy? The thinking person knows it’s not about health care it all about control. The Obama-nistas are out to prove the political pundits wrong America can be taken over by Socialism. In 1776 there were different Isms but the founding father in their wisdom foresaw the future and set in motion a system that would prevent one man rule of the nation. We the People have the ability to change our representatives every two years, that’s the safety net the constitution and elections provides us with for our security should we choose to use it.

The 2010 mid term elections are less than 17 months away, will the failure of Obamanomics have sunken into the American voters minds enough for them to start the process of turning this madness around and get back to the imperfect America we’ve all enjoyed for decades. We share an imperfect world with billions of other imperfect people, what makes Obama think he can change all that with a few of his well crafted but imposable speeches? Most of what the public hears about Obama’s international popularity comes from press releases written in the Whitehouse and passed out to an obedient media. Most of what America hears about Obama comes from Whitehouse press releases handed out to an obedient media. The founding fathers knew a free press and the right to bare arms would be enough to keep an oppressive government in check. It’s questionable the founding fathers envisioned the government they crafted would last two centuries. The world questioned if the average citizen could be trusted with governing themselves. The colonials had overcome every obstacle known to man and prospered. A government “Of the People, By the People and For the People” would be a walk in the park for such a hardy group.

Thank God for the Mayflower malcontents who started it all.

It’s time “We the People” took our government back. Other countries protest in the streets, Americans have the ballot box and every two years we have the opportunity to change congress when they no longer represent the people who put them in office. 2010 is the right time to begin the change.


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