President Obama not Doing Enough

By: Craig Chamberlain

We have had, since the fraudulent elections, a massive demonstration from the Iranian people of their discontent. At first this was about a presidential election and their belief that the vote was rigged to keep their candidate, Mr. Mousavi, out of office. Now, we are being told, endlessly, that this has now become less about an election and more about the system itself. That Mr. Mousavi, a product of the 1979 revolution, has now been swept up by the events and has become a radical for change. We hear this endlessly because it is true. The chants that began as “Death to dictatorship” have now evolved into “Death to Khamenei.”

The autocratic rule of the shah was replaced by the totalitarian rule of the quasi Nazi “Islamic Republic” for thirty years these mullahs have governed the country with one goal in mind: exporting the Iranian Revolution. They have turned Syria into a satellite state, created Hezbollah to subvert and take over Lebanon, subsidize Hamas so they can war with Israel, fund terrorist groups in Iraq to overthrow the democratically elected government and replace it with an Islamic government, all the while feverishly pursuing a nuclear arsenal.

For these actions we should want to see the Iranian regime come crashing down in a popular uprising. Never mind the tyranny and lack of liberty that they have imposed on their own people. But do we have a new revolution? These are more than just the student uprisings that hit Iran a decade ago, now those protesting in the streets come from all walks of life, not just the educated middle class of north Tehran. The demonstrations are not just confined to Iran either. Cities such as Tabriz, and Isfahan have also seen anti regime demonstrations.

We’ve seen brave Iranian patriots take to the streets, fighting and in some cases dying, to bring freedom to their country. Where’s President Obama in all of this? Who knows? The man who criticizes his predecessor at every turn for supposedly ruining our relations with the Muslim world, and who gave a speech in Cairo calling for greater freedoms of minorities in those lands is strangely silent. First of all, our relations with Iran were terrible long before George W. Bush came along, and President Obama’s Cairo speech didn’t win him any fans, despite what his handlers tell him. The Iranians aren’t going to negotiate with him no matter what. If these street protests had never happened the Mullahs would have had no interest in any negotiations. And what does the Obama administration and their “realist” advocates tell the Iranian people should they win their freedom? Sorry, we just couldn’t support you. We had negotiations lined up to ask them pretty please to stop building their nuclear weapons.

Who cares if the Mullahs label the protestors as American agents? First of all even if we aided the Mullahs and helped them crackdown on this patriotic uprising they would still spew their anti American venom, and work to destroy us. We should make no secret of which side we want to see victorious. This really is a black and white issue. On the one hand you have a totalitarian regime that calls for a new holocaust, is trying to take over the region, and poses a serious national security risk to the United States of America. On the other hand you have the Iranian people who only want their freedom and to be out from under the thumb of a medieval, theocratic rule.

It’s fairly obvious which side we should support. Yet we have President Obama waiting for the Mullahs to unclench their fist. If they survive this challenge not only will they not unclench it, they might punch him right in the face. This regime is using snipers to execute its own citizens for peaceably assembling, and all Washington can do is issue a tepid response about how they’re worried about the violence. I guess President Obama is too busy nationalizing banks, and auto makers, and planning on ruining health care for him to really make a stand with the people of Iran who just want to be free of a terrorist regime.

While President Obama’s response should infuriate us, it in no way should surprise us. He has never denied what he is. He’s a man of the left, and a proud one at that. When running for President he openly advocated for an immediate retreat and surrender from Iraq. If he wasn’t willing to fight a war we were winning should we be so shocked that he won’t stand up for the Iranian people while they stand up to one of the worst tyrannies on Earth?

The Tepid response of President Obama should tell us a lot. He doesn’t care about stopping a lunatic regime that threatens the United States, he thinks he can talk them out of thirty years of warmongering and hatred, and it shows that he doesn’t care about liberty and freedom in the Middle East. He only wants a new start in the region as long as it is the easiest path for him and requires no sacrifices on his part. He’s all too willing to work with, and accommodate, dictators as long as it gives him good PR.(Not that the press would eve criticize him anyway) President Bush, the much maligned bungler who supposedly single handedly ruined our relations with the Middle East, toppled two dictatorships and liberated millions of Muslims. President Obama is perfectly fine watching them die in the streets, and keeping dangerous anti American regimes in power.

After all, it’s the path of least resistance.

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