I’m Sorry… So Sorry…

By: Patti Bankson

No, really. I’m sorry. You’re sorry. We’re all sorry. At least that’s what President Barack Obama said about us when he spoke to our global friends and foes in his recent travels. Hmmmm… I don’t recall “shame-faced apologist” being part of the job description for President of the United States. And I don’t know about you, but when I cast my vote for president, (whether my candidate wins or loses) I’m not looking for someone who will run around the world arrogantly apologizing for my (presumed) arrogance.

I received an email from our friend, Peter, in which he was “guessing we should all write letters of apology to the UN for being an arrogant nation.” Of course, he wasn’t serious. But if he had been, my response would be, “Naaaah.” Because if apologies were due, they’d be due from, to name just two, ex-president, Jimmy Carter and current president, Barak Obama… to us. Of course, we’d also have apologies coming from the likes of “celebrities” (I gag on the word!) Sean Penn and Danny Glover, who seem to think they’ve been elected to act as emissaries to the dictators of the world. Speaking of which, isn’t it a bit odd that it’s perfectly legal to travel to countries like Venezuela, China, Russia, Iran… even enjoy a safari in Kenya… but perfectly illegal to go to Cuba? Is it possible it’s not about human rights at all, but about… politics? Just asking.

Far too many American lives have been sacrificed for people who have either forgotten America’s sacrifices or chosen to let resentment… and their arrogance… take the place of even a small amount of gratitude. 360,000 Union lives were lost in the Civil War fight to free the slaves. Forgotten. Also forgotten… Africans were sold into slavery by their own people. And, as my friend pointed out, “slavery was a black mark in our country’s history, but our generation didn’t do it.” Will we ever see the day when that fact will become part of the dialogue… when apologies will be accepted, and the past will be allowed to take its place in history, as history?

Was President Obama apologizing to Europe for our saving Europe in WWI? We lost 126,000 doing it… where’s the apology for America’s loss? Or for the 416,800 we lost saving Europe again in WWII? … Or the 36,940 who died saving South Korea in the Korean War? Was he apologizing for helping countries fight Aids, feed their hungry and giving aid in times of disaster… or was he apologizing to illegals for giving them free medical care, food, education, and a great place to live?

Those must be the times when we’ve been arrogant that the President was referring to. If so, he’s right. I mean… Just who do we think we are? A land of spacious skies, amber waves of grain, majestic purple mountains, fruited plains? A land on which God shed His grace… a land of good, a land of brotherhood? America the Beautiful? Exactly.

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