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June 27, 2009

Obama’s Immigration Plot To Create More Illegal Immigration & One Party System

Filed under: Immigration,In The News - 27 Jun 2009

ALIPAC is rallying Americans against Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty plans that are being discussed with Congressional leaders in the White House today because a path to citizenship for millions of illegals would bring more illegal immigration to America and …

Don’t Allow Turf Wars or Pettiness to Side Track Tea Party Movement

Filed under: Politics In General,Taxes & Taxation - 27 Jun 2009

A concerned patriot wrote me the following. “…our Tea Party efforts are taking a weird turn. As you know the April 15th nationwide rallies were a BIG success! The issues were Runaway Federal Spending and lack of primarily, the Federal …

Surfing USA: Drug Smuggling Ring Uses Surfboards

Filed under: Crime and Punishment - 27 Jun 2009

Last Thursday night, U.S. Border Patrol agents in San Diego, CA arrested two men for attempting to smuggle 141 pounds of marijuana, valued at approximately $84,600, according to a report sent to police organizations including the National Association of Chiefs …

Left-Wing Hyperbole: Know what Healthcare is Just like? Slavery

See, we know that it isn’t wild-eyed, hyperbole to say that slavery is “just like” our current healthcare debate because Glenn W. Smith of the extremist left-wing site Firedoglake helpfully tells us that “this is not hyperbole.”

Obama Is 95% Cured Of Something For Sure!

President Barack Obama, answering queries about his signing of a law giving Congress unconstitutional power to regulate the tobacco industry, proclaimed himself a 95% cured smoker. What this means is anyone’s guess as the vilification of tobacco and people …

Barack Obama’s Robust Debate Taking Place in Iran

Two of the most ludicrous and perplexing statements regarding the Iranian elections came, poignantly, from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, they occupy the top two positions within the hierarchy of American foreign policy.