Obama’s Immigration Plot To Create More Illegal Immigration & One Party System


ALIPAC is rallying Americans against Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty plans that are being discussed with Congressional leaders in the White House today because a path to citizenship for millions of illegals would bring more illegal immigration to America and create a one party political system, both of which are opposed by a large majority of Americans.

“They did this kind of path to citizenship for three million illegal aliens in 1986 and now we have over twelve million illegals. If they do it again, we can expect over thirty million new illegal aliens,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “We need Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement instead of Comprehensive Amnesty.”

Both sides of the immigration debate agree that due to the bad economy and increased immigration enforcement, illegal immigration began to reverse in America in 2008. It is estimated that the illegal immigrant population decreased by close to one million. This trend would almost eradicate all illegal immigration in a decade with continued, strengthened immigration enforcement on the state and Federal level.

ALIPAC is credited with playing a central strategic role in the defeat of multiple Amnesty bills in 2006 and 2007.

“Today we are rallying the nation against Obama’s new Amnesty push. This President is obviously not a man of the people. He should be impeached at the earliest opportunity for trying to do this to Americans,” said William Gheen. “It is time for Americans of every race and political party to stand up and speak out against the Obama Amnesty plan and say with one voice ‘No You Can’t'”.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has over 25,000 supporters nationwide and volunteers are being asked to flood the White House and Congressional offices with faxes, e-mails, and calls opposing today’s meeting and the push for Amnesty. ALIPAC is focusing on states where the group has won important state battles in the past two years where efforts are expected to have an intensified effect on Federal lawmakers.

“These lawmakers from about twenty states would not dare override the immigration enforcement progress of their home states,” said William Gheen. “Turning 15 million illegal immigrants into voters via a path to citizenship would create a one party system in America, ruled by Democrats, and would destroy America’s borders and hopes for future immigration enforcement.”

For more information or to schedule interviews please visit the world’s largest archive of information in existence on the topic of illegal immigration at www.alipac.us

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