Uighurs, Secrets, Cronies and Pals

By: Patti Bankson

How ‘bout them Uighurs! (Pronounced: we-grrrrs, in case you care.) They sought, and received, training in the East Turkestan Islamic Movement’s paramilitary camps. Uh, huh… that’s that al-Qaeda affiliate that has been officially designated by the U.S., under U.S. law, as a terrorist organization. They trained to be terrorists, fought against Coalition forces and, were captured by coalition forces after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. That’s how they ended up doing “hard time” (Ha!) at Guantanamo Bay. Now that it’s been determined that they should be freed, the poor terrorists can’t go home, ‘cause China’s their home and China might just really treat them like terrorists. They might hurt them, or something worse. So, we (the U.S.) have found them a new home… in Bermuda. Spiffy pink cottage to live in over-looking pink sands, aquamarine seas, clear blue skies up above… Not only is their new home looking good, they look pretty darned good themselves. Have you seen the footage of them? They’re healthy, with quite a bit more meat on their bones, I’m sure, than they had when they were skulking around in the Afghanistan mountains. Good looking, white teeth. Big smiles. I’m guessing the guys left behind are green with envy! Of course, really… What do they have to complain about at Gitmo? I mean, beachside digs in tropical Cuba… food cooked to their (religious) specifications… lots of free time to read and protest with other Gitmo terroristas… perhaps even plot more murder and mayhem… what more could a terrorist want? Except maybe the freedom the Uighurs in Bermuda have to wander freely around their new paradise, eating ice cream and stuff…

But their happiness has caused quite a bit of consternation in the British government. Bermuda is a British Colony, you know. The consternation comes from the fact that the government in Bermuda has had its head together with whomever in our government working out this plan to accept the Uighurs without consulting the British government… they plotted behind their backs. Can you imagine a government doing something like that? Conspiring in secret…. The left hand not telling the right hand what it’s doing? You can’t? Wow. It goes on every day in our own nation’s capitol. Somebody climbs up behind a podium and gives us the news of the day. Not the whole news, of course. The whole news is available to the “People” on a need-to-know basis, and it seems we pretty much don’t need to know… well… anything. Like this administration has done from day one, plans are made, people and pawns put into place, private and personal agendas are executed quietly, then, like the British government, we learn about it bit, by bit, by bit… after it’s a leeeeetle late to change anything. Of course, they don’t think any change is needed. They really do think they know more than we do, and know better than we do what’s best for us. Like all parents of two-year olds do.

Unfortunately, their plans for us don’t include blue skies, aquamarine seas, pink sand and cottages. Nope. Their plans for us only include green… as in money. Ours to earn. Theirs to take and spend. To take care of slackers, Uighurs, political backers, cronies and pals.

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