Who is Cleaning Up?

By: Patti Bankson

Cleaning up our mess(es) is possible, but it’ll be painful. How painful depends on whether logic and common sense are used to find solutions. So far, I haven’t seen much of either. And with each of the gazillion presidential news “briefs” proposing yet another costly program, my hopes diminish.

For instance, taxpayer money bailed out banks that were “too big to fail”. Those of us who’ve gotten dizzy trying to keep track of our accounts when “our” bank’s gobbled up by a bigger bank, then another and another, would probably agree that, indeed, the big banks were too big. But, really, if the FDIC does what it’s supposed to do, and you have spread your wealth around (No… not in the Dems’ socialistic way!), if a bank closes its doors, you’re okay. Some jobs lost, perhaps; but all that money was given out and jobs were lost anyway. So, who benefits? And the real question is who loses? Well, we do. The President keeps his job and his salary. The people in congress keep their jobs and their salaries. And, of course, the banks stay open and the big guys keep their jobs and their salaries. But, guess what! Now, some of the banks want to give back the money they’ve gotten… because there are too many strings attached. They’re surprised? Guess they still believe there’s a free lunch? A Tooth Fairy? Santa Claus?

The really crazy part of this fiasco is that those attached strings seem to be all the failing banks needed to suddenly figure out how to get out of the holes they’d dug for themselves. In fact…. They’re so healthy now that they want to return the money the “government gave” them. The really disgusting part is that if/when they do give it back, We the People won’t get any of it. Oh, sure… they’ll toss us a crummy check or two, but whatever taxes they increase or impose in the name of saving our bottoms now, they intend to keep…. along with the money the banks return.

The biggest problem, of course, is that the people who are supposed to solve our problems have much less invested in it all than we do. Yes, I’m talking about our “fearless” leaders. And why shouldn’t they be fearless? While real people have lost their jobs, or are worried about losing them, politicians keep their jobs term after term, after term. Harry Reid has been in the U.S. Senate since 1986. Ted Kennedy since 1962. Nancy Pelosi since 1987. And Strom Thurmond left the Senate … finally… when he was ONE HUNDRED years old!

Democrat or Republican, I think the total time they spend in office should be limited. I mean really limited. Maybe to just 2 terms. Total. And none of this stuff so many of them do to get around state term limits … when their time is up as Attorney General (or whatever) they run for Insurance Commissioner or Tax Collector, or Dog Catcher. Then before you know it, they’ve spent their entire adult lives in one office or another, all within the bubble we call “Public Service”. All on our dime. No wonder they don’t get it. No wonder we do get it… in the back.

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