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June 20, 2009

XBox and the Execution of U.S. Soldiers

Filed under: War On Terror,What The F@#K?!? - 20 Jun 2009

There have been some video games which display such explicit violence or sexuality that they have been decried as being too inappropriate for anyone to play. But there has never been a video game produced that is more despicable …

Panetta Comment Telegraphs America’s Present Weakness

Filed under: Featured Conservative,In The News,War On Terror - 20 Jun 2009

Once again, a prominent liberal Democrat is projecting his sordid political tactics and those of his party on the opposition. In an interview for next month’s issue of The New Yorker magazine, CIA Director Leon Panetta asserted that former Vice-President …

They Are Dropping Like Flies

Filed under: In The News,J.J. Jackson's Opinion - 20 Jun 2009

President Barack Obama wowed his fawning supporters this past week by killing a fly. Oh the dexterity. Oh the raw talent. Oh the humility as he calmly proclaimed, taking a tissue and scooping up fly guts, that …

June 19, 2009

Rationing WILL Come

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 19 Jun 2009

It is beyond question that healthcare in America is troubled. Costs have soared, employers are having a difficult time keeping up with the rising costs, and many Americans do not easily get the care they’d like. There are solutions, of …

MS-13 member sentenced to life in prison for 2007 Virginia murder

Filed under: Crime and Punishment - 19 Jun 2009

A federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia sentenced 29-year-old Sergio Amador Amador to life in prison for killing a suspected rival gang member, according to a report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

Iranian Patriots Will Get No Help From Obama

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,In The News - 19 Jun 2009

Most people, except for some fascist stooges at the politico, realize that the Iranian election was rigged. It was rigged so badly that even Vice President Biden sees that it was rigged. When you can’t fool the Vice President you …

Miranda V. America: Obama wages Warren terror

So now we’re reading Miranda rights to captured terrorists in Afghanistan. That makes it official; it is absolutely impossible to caricature President Obama, because he’ll eventually get around to doing everything his detractors had once joked about.

June 18, 2009

Capriciousness of Government

Filed under: Taxes & Taxation - 18 Jun 2009

What should be isn’t always what is, we all know. For instance, government is supposed to serve its people. However, more often than not government becomes a burden, an iron boot heel on the neck, and if not so egregiously …

Jimmy Carter’s Love Affair with Terrorists Continues

Filed under: War On Terror,What The F@#K?!? - 18 Jun 2009

Former President Jimmy Carter announced Monday that he will venture to Gaza to meet with the leaders of terrorist group Hamas. regardless of the fact that Hamas is listed on the US State Department’s terrorism list.

Carter has been in Israel …

“Originalism” is not conservative judicial activism

Recent diatribes have appeared in the media criticizing and misrepresenting the rationale of those opposed to the Sotomayer nomination to the Supreme Court.

Sotomayer has been lauded ad nauseam for her desire to be empathetic in her adjudication, and many have …

June 17, 2009

Immigration Groups Issued Advisory on Shawna Forde before Killings

Filed under: In The News - 17 Jun 2009

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, one of American largest grassroots immigration enforcement groups, issued national warnings about Shawna Forde and her key ally Jim Gilchrist of Minuteman Project months prior to her charges of double homicide in Arizona.

US Faces Tragic Consequences with Iran

Whenever faced with a rogue nation, the United States more often than not bends to the will of the United Nations or other entity that favors economic sanctions. This holds true for the current Administration of President Barack Obama.

Dem. Shill as ‘Attendee’ in Obama’s Healthcare Townhall Audience

Filed under: Politics In General - 17 Jun 2009

Back in 2005, the Old Media was all atwitter over a supposed “plant reporter” at a Bush press conference. The Old Media made a big deal out of this guy and used it to try and cast the Bush …

June 16, 2009

The Brand is Tarnished, but the Principles are Solid

By Richard Geno

In recent weeks, there has been a great deal of discussion as to what the Republican Party should do to once again control Congress, and challenge for the White House in 2012.

Is Healthcare a ‘Right’?

Filed under: Politically Incorrect Reality - 16 Jun 2009

As we all know, the Senate is gearing up to begin the debate on Obamacare. As we move forward one of the first scheduled stops will be in the Senate on June 16 as the Health Education, Labor and

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