History’s Lessons

By: Guest Authors

by Rebecca Giltner

I felt the need for a history refresher today, as I see so many fundamental issues occurring in our country, so I watched the movie Bach in Auschwitz. I think every one of us should see this movie- as a reminder of what can happen when no one will stand up, speak out, and address evil for what it is. This movie interviews- in depth- members of the orchestra who were forced to play for the Nazi’s, and they have a chance to tell the stories of the people they knew, many of whom were murdered. They tell the stories that have haunted them for years, in terrifying detail. We now have countries again denying the Holocaust occurred. I don’t understand why anyone would deny this horrific event, which is documented by photos- and pictures do not lie. Once human life is justified as having little or no value, we cease to have human rights. In socialized medicine, a value is placed on each person’s existence, and then used to determine how much cost is justified in treating that person. This is not medical care for everyone- it is medical care for those that the government deems worth it. Why are so many sold on this idea as a good one? Do we trust our government with our very lives? if so, maybe we should rethink that choice, and base it on facts, not a pretty picture painted by Obama supporters.

Our President wants to play nice with the countries who are denying the Holocaust. He also has declared us to no longer be a Christian nation. This same person is honoring leaders who destroy the citizens in their countries, such as Chavez, and Ahmadinejad, by embracing them, and insulting our country in their presence. In 7 months, he has weakened the very core of the principles America was founded on, because those principles are Christian, and the values are the same morals written in the bible. Our laws are based on the ten commandments- as they should be. Once you devalue this, what remains? Does it become ok to steal, kill, and lie? Our elected officials seem to be embracing this collapse, as it makes it less offensive when they are caught in affairs, and embezzlement, or even lies which helped to ge them into office. Obama bullied politicians into passing a monstrous stimulus bill, promising it would stop job loss, and quickly revive our economy. Instead, we are at a higher percent unemployment than he projected if the initial stimulus was not passed. The bank bailouts have been so effective that more banks fail monthly, and are absorbed by their competitors, and money was given for these banks to loan, yet few loans are being approved. This plan is obviously not working.

The path we are taking is truly frightening. History is our proof of what can happen when power is given to the wrong person or group of people. Once history is denied, our future is compromised.

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