Obama can only Steer Ship of State to the Left

By: Craig Chamberlain

The Obama administration is moving with the frantic pace of in unprepared student, furiously scribbling answers fearful that the teacher will say “pencils down” before they can answer all of the questions. Like that unprepared student Obama isn’t answering questions so much as he’s just guessing in the hopes that some of his guesses will hit the mark. His own Vice President has admitted that they “misread” the economy. Ya think? Their collective economic IQ’s don’t even reach double digits. Yet they flail about spending money, insisting that they can dig themselves out of a hole.

President Obama might be guessing, but his guesses certainly have a pattern: when in doubt go left. Every Major decision made by President Obama has been made to pull the country to the left. The administration that never wastes a crisis is desperate to get things going on the fast track. They’re only guessing that anything they do will actually work, but they will do it anyway knowing that it strengthens the Democrats position, and might do so for a long time.

They rushed through a stimulus bill that no one read, passed a three trillion dollar budget that is so full of pork that it oinks, and what do we have to show for it? Our deficit has skyrocketed, we’re about to become a beggar nation, and unemployment is the highest it’s been in 25 years(it’s not if it goes over 10%, it’s when). If there is a recovery it will most likely be a jobless one, and millions of Americans will be unemployed, underemployed, and more dependent on the state for assistance.

And they’re just getting started.

The cap and trade bill will cripple the economy, by imposing massive taxes, and impossible regulations. Then there’s Obamacare, there’s a direct course to bankruptcy if there has ever been one. Despite being able to point to a single country that has been able to manage their government controlled healthcare competently, efficiently, and profitably, they are bound and determined to have Washington make the health care decisions for the American people. Because, it’s not about efficiency, competency, or profit. It’s about control. They don’t care if they waste trillions of dollars on these programs.

All this taxing and spending is about one thing. It’s about making the people of the United States more dependent on the government, for health care, for employment, and for unemployment assistance, and therefore make them more dependent on the Democratic party. This has nothing to do with empathy or compassion. This is the same old class warfare that the neo marxists in the party of Jefferson and Jackson have been practicing for the last 70 years. It’s divide and conquer, create an underclass dependent on the government, and jealous of those not on government support, and you’ll be in power a long time. Paint the other party as tools of the rich(people with jobs, and homes of their own) and you will always have their support.

All this talk about stimulus is just smoke and mirrors. They have no idea what in the world they’re doing, in fact with the money from the first stimulus project being held by state governments just to stay afloat, or going into pointless pork projects, the Democrats are calling for a second stimulus bill. The Democrats have always believed in the golden rule: he who has the gold makes the rules. And they’re bound and determined to have it all.

This goes way beyond economic policy. We see this same thinking in his judicial nominations. Judge Sotomayor believes in expanded government power, racial quotas, is hostile to second amendment rights, just like the man who nominated her. Now, it’s no shock that a President should nominate a judge who share’s his philosophy, that’s been going on since the days of Washington. But his nominations show his contempt for the constitutional rights of the American people, and his belief that the judiciary should make policy and law instead of just interpreting it.

His foreign policy can be described as “hug a thug”. Support dictators, and discourage democracy has been the plan of the Obama administration from the start. Support a terroristic dictatorship in Iran when they are facing legitimate democratic uprisings from their people, and support a would be dictator in Honduras. See a pattern?

All of this is designed to make America a more left wing country, and if President Obama has his way it will be an irrevocable move.

President Obama isn’t just reckless, he’s dangerous. The United States will only continue to flounder as long as the tax, spend, and appease, philosophy continues to govern. The American people might have wanted change, but the polls show this isn’t what they had in mind. Until those voters decide they’ve had enough, and clip Obama’s wings the situation will very likely go from bad to intolerable.

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