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July 18, 2009

Counterintelligence Professionals Under Attack by Liberals

In spite of attacks on the US intelligence community by politically-motivated lawmakers and government officials, the counterintelligence function continues to involve protecting the country, as well as intelligence agencies, from the activities of foreign intelligence services.

The Supreme Court And The Commerce Clause

The Constitution’s commerce clause has been stretched beyond recognition to justify traveling the road to tyranny by obliterating the 9th and 10th Amendments in the Bill of Rights.

The Constitution’s Article I, Section. 8 says, inter alia:

Ordinary People Answering the Call to Restore America

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 18 Jul 2009

My faith was tested when I awoke Nov. 5th 2008 to learn that Barack Hussen Obama was president of the United States. I had just returned home from performing at rallies across America on a national “Stop Obama Tour” with …

Teachers Union Seeks to Impair Charter Schools

During its late conference held during the Independence Day holiday weekend, the National Education Association took up a series of new resolutions that targeted charter schools. The union was looking for ways to reign in the success of charter …

America Is Becoming Like The Home Run Derby

This past week Americans got to once again enjoy the spectacle of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game as well as all the festivities and side events that go along with it. One of those events is, of course, the …

Seven Series of Questions for Judge Sotomayor

The Constitution of these United States holds different meanings for different people:

Conservatives/Federalists believe that this federated group of states, governed by a representative government with the Constitution as the foundation and the rule of law as the bedrock that keeps …