Pro-Life Is Pro-Freedom

By: Guest Authors

By: Jeffery Covill

The younger generations of our country are different than the older generations in many ways. They are different because they have lived their lives under different circumstances. Their elementary school had zero tolerance and lockdowns. They have to provide a fluid sample before they are allowed to work. They have to gain permission from a bank before they are allowed to have a house. They are used to a society of checkpoints and random screenings. Their lives are full of constant monitoring and control. It is only natural that, as these generations age and begin to fill the ranks of voters, they will use their voting power to cry for freedom. They do not wish to remain children forever. Their highest priority in the political arena is freedom.

For some reason the younger generations seem to equate the zero tolerance lifestyle with conservatives. It is conservatives who are branded as unreasonable and liberals who are portrayed as permissive. The younger generations do not remember that the bulk of zero tolerance legislation was passed during the Clinton administration. They do not know that it is the liberals who have zero tolerance for anyone who doesn’t practice their “permissive” lifestyle.

When the younger generations are called upon to vote on a pro-life vs. pro-choice issue they vote pro-choice every time. They do not consider the facts before they cast their vote. They simply hear the words pro-choice and equate these words with freedom and permissiveness. They believe that passing pro-choice legislation is a step towards creating a world where they are allowed to make more choices. They see it as a step towards a world where they are allowed to make all of their own choices. If we wish to advance the cause of pro-life we are going to have to recognize this fact and learn to work with it.

We can not change how the younger generations think or change their political priorities but we can learn to be as cunning as wolves in our approach to them. The younger generations may have different political priorities but they are still capable of decency. They are still capable of maintaining a decent society but they have a different approach to the problem. If we wish to teach them how to legislate a decent society then we are going to have to recognize that they use different methods than we are accustomed to and change our presentation to include their methods. We need to show them that a pro-life stance is a part of how we defend our freedoms.

As someone who believes in every individual’s unalienable right to life I am not opposed to a woman’s right to choose. I believe every woman should have the right to choose whether or not she is brutally murdered. I believe every woman should be allowed to decide whether or not she is terminated in the womb. Is it fair to take away a woman’s right to choose whether or not she wishes to exist just because that woman is not yet capable of speaking up for herself? Is it fair to take away a woman’s unalienable right to life just because she was unable to say “Excuse me, may I please have the benefit of an attorney before I am cruelly murdered in this unusual manner?” Can we trust the people who refuse to stand up for the rights of the defenseless to stand up for our rights? If a group claims the right to life does not exist if that right inconveniences another person will that group take away your rights when you become inconvenient to them? The pro-choice group does not support a society where people are allowed to choose for themselves. The pro-choice group supports a society where people can choose to deny the rights of others.

The actions of Scott Roeder are not actions I would choose to take in the fight against abortion. However, I make no apologies for his actions. I believe people like Mr. Roeder come to their decision to kill after much soul searching. To them it is much like answering the question “Would you kill Hitler?” As a believer in the unalienable right to life I would never choose to kill. I will also never apologize for Mr. Roeder’s actions as if they were mine. Does the pro-choice crowd apologize for any of the murders they have allowed? Do any of the abortion technicians apologize for any of the murders they have committed? Abortion technicians kill without any soul searching at all. They view killing the same way the rest of us view going to work. Do any of them apologize for this or are they too busy counting their money?

Have you ever seen an abortion technician pull up to his office in a twenty year old car? Do any of them live in a poor neighborhood? If they feel so strongly about a woman’s right to choose then why do they charge so much money? Are they men of conviction or are they just out to make an easy buck? How much of their money comes from the tax base? What about my right to choose? Why am I forced to pay these people when I so clearly disagree with what they do? I don’t drive a new car. I don’t live in a new house. Why am I forced to bail out the abortion industry? They have enough money. They should quit taking mine.

As the younger generations in our country fill the voting ranks they change the political arena. The liberals are the first group to take advantage of this change. The conservatives have, naturally, lagged behind. If we were at the forefront of change we would not be conservatives. We take a conservative approach to change because we are realists who know not all change is good. Sometimes things can change for the worse. When change comes upon us it is only natural that the liberals are the first to take advantage of it. Do not let this discourage you. Do not think that the liberals have been winning because the younger generations do not embrace conservative values. The liberals are winning because they were the first to figure out how to talk to the younger generations on a political level. The younger voters have not rejected our values, they have rejected our presentation. We can still show them that our values are correct if we learn how to present them in ways the younger people can understand. Let’s learn how to speak their language and get back in this thing.

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