Universal Health Care noth Worth the Cost

By: Craig Chamberlain

Let’s say that you had a choice between two different systems. System A allows for greater freedom, with a smaller social safety net. System A also has a more robust economy(usually) and more or less allows you to make your own decision. System B has a large safety net encompassing everything from unemployment, to housing, to health care. In fact it’s the health care system that they are most proud of and it’s the thing they brag about most. However, this large safety net comes with a price. Taxes are sky high, and there is less economic or political freedom in system B, the government has a far greater reach over its people.

Which system would you pick? If you care more about personal liberty you’d probably go with system A. If you care more about security you’re probably going to pick system B. But let’s say that upon investigation you learned that the universal health care of system B, their biggest bragging point, only extended your life by two years. For two extra years would you still be willing to surrender basic freedoms and pay a kings ransom to the state?

System A and System B are not hypothetical. System A is the United States, and System B is France. Democrats are always touting the European system as being not just more efficient, but morally superior to the health care system in the United States. But for all the universal health care in France, and all the bragging they like to do about it, the average French citizen lives just two years longer than the average American citizen. Your average Frenchman lives to be 80 years old(78 for men 84 for women) and your average American lives to be 78 years old(76 for men 80 for women). So for two extra years of doctor visits, medications, and illness we’re willing to destroy our economy and our liberty to copy the French model? When you consider the fact that life expectancy is a product of genetics and life style, not health care, it doesn’t make any sense at all to make that change.

Yet that is exactly what the democrats are desperately trying to do. Universal health care doesn’t lead to greater health. That’s determined by genetics when you’re still in the womb. But what universal health care is very good at is getting bigger and bigger and expanding the power of the state of the lives of its people. The government, in the end, isn’t so much in charge of health care as they are in charge of YOU. They determine what doctor you will see, what hospital you can go to, what medicine you can take, what procedures you can have done, or if you can have any health care at all. If you’re a smoker, elderly, or they declare you overweight, you’d better be prepared to be told to go home and die.

It’s not about extending your life, or about making you healthy. It’s about getting control of the most basic facets of your daily life. In the name of providing health care they determine what care, if any, you are entitled to. In the name of paying for health care they take over the economy imposing European style socialism with its high taxes, and perennially high unemployment.

So in the name of compassion, and a health America the Democrats are proposing that they follow that same model. They are proposing new surtaxes, fees on business if they don’t provide health care, which will make it more expensive for them to hire new workers, this when the unemployment rate is 9.5%. This will cripple economic growth, which the democrats will use as justification to interfere with the economy even more. When the economy stagnates even further, and employment is around 15% there will be calls for yet another stimulus and more government takeovers.

The danger here is not just the loss of economic freedom and being even more under the dictates of Washington. It’s the fact that universal health care is permanent. Once it’s in place it’s not going anywhere. The middle class, being the primary beneficiaries, won’t let it go once they have it. They view it as an entitlement the way the elderly view social security as an entitlement, and we see how they react when anyone talks about reforming that.

If universal health care is enacted the days of American liberty are over. Even if the Republicans were to win the 2010 elections and defeat President Obama in 2012 they would have no chance of getting rid of it. The only way they could win elections is by promising, like conservative parties in Canada and Great Britain. Instead they could only promise meager reforms and more competent administration. But we would still be stuck with it and all the loss of freedoms that inevitably come with it.

If we want to avoid this catastrophe the republicans must remain united, find a couple of like minded democrats and hold the line. Because the line has been drawn and if we cross it there is no going back.

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