A Re-Imagining of the Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing

By: Guest Authors

By: Nathan Sommers

The Sotomayor hearings are mostly wrapped up. Looks like she’ll be confirmed.

I had a fantasy about this, and those of you who have equal concerns about her ascendancy to the Supreme Court may get some satisfaction out of this.

You all remember “A Few Good Men”, right? With Tom Cruise, playing Navy attorney Lt. Daniel Kaffee, grilling Jack Nicholson character, Col. Nathan Jessep, on the stand.

As it appears hopeless that he will force Jessep to admit he ordered a ‘code red’, thereby exxonerating his clients of most of their culpability, Cruise gets IN HIS FACE, with the judge’s gavel slamming down for order in the court room….

“Did you ORDER the code red? Did you ORDER the code red?”

Red-faced, exasperated, and defiant…Nicholson’s character blurts out…

“YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID”…to the utter shock of the entire court room.

Cruise wins.

Imagine (and this is hard, I understand) a more aggressive Republican Senator (Sessions? Graham?) on the Senate Judiciary, in spite of all the odds and political dangers (don’t you dare question a Hispanic nominee…LOL), rattling the calm, easy, evasive demeanor of Judge Sotomayor, (with Sen. Patrick Leahy yelling for order in the conference room…)

Aggressive GOP Senator: “Are you a LEFT WING biased LIBERAL who views the Constitution as an alterable document, and will you seek to IMPOSE a radical progressive AGENDA on the United States? Huh? Well…tell us?”

Flustered, enraged, and in full BITCH mode, she cries out, “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I AM, and YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I WILL”

(silence…Sen. Feinstein’s jaw hits the floor)

next candidate, Mr. President.

(Hey, I can dream, can’t I?)

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