Big Government Only Leads to More Government

By: Craig Chamberlain

Americans need to ask themselves a question. How much government do we really need? The statists who currently run things in Washington see a need for an ever expanding government with more and more being consumed by the state. Healthcare, taking over the economy, universal this, and universal that. It’s always more, more, more.

When you look back, objectively, at what government has actually done you’ll find a list that is rather short on accomplishments. Things that the American people insist that we can’t do without, such as medicare, or say the Department of Agriculture, are nothing more than money pits that Americans got along just fine without.

Ask your typical leftist and he will insist that not only is there a moral obligation to have government run healthcare, but it’s the better system. They will point out that the average lifespan for an American man was only 59 years when medicare and social security were created. Today that lifespan is up to 76. So by virtue of the fact that people live longer the system must be working, and by logical extension if we extend the system life spans will continue to increase.

But what role did government play in that? None at all. Life spans have increased because the private sector(those evil pharmaceutical companies) created new and better medicines that cure and treat diseases that killed people 60 years ago. If you live to be 80 years old don’t thank medicare, thank a pharmaceutical company for taking the time to invest billions of dollars in making new medicines. All the government did was take from one group and give to another. And in all reality gave to a group that didn’t need it.

It goes beyond health care. Back in the early 19th century progressives began clamoring for universal education. They insisted that it would bring more equality into the system. Well, they we’re right. Students today are equal, too bad that equality is based on mediocrity. They said that too few poor children were going to school when, in fact, 97% of all children were getting an education. Slowly, first on the state, and then on the federal level, the government took over and it’s been all down hill since. The academic woes of the American student have been chronicled over and over again. College students who can’t read a bus schedule, who don’t know the basics of American history, and have trouble with basic math and science.

Then there are all the other entitlement programs that the government has started. Each one requiring a new bureaucracy, a new government department, billions of dollars, and no solutions. Public housing didn’t end the homeless problem, it made it worse. The Department of Education doesn’t educate anyone, the Department of transportation doesn’t make our highways or skies safer, and the Department of Agriculture pays farmers not to grow crops.

Yet, like all entitlements they have become permanent. If a politician were to seriously suggest eliminating those departments and turning education back over to the local communities, they would be denounced as heartless monsters who didn’t care about the poor or the children, and voted out of office. Yet as strenuously as people insist that we need those programs they are wholly ignorant of what they do. How many average Americans can tell you what the Department of Commerce does?

Government doesn’t really do anything. It takes credit. Government doesn’t create anything, it redistributes. Yet, for all of it’s failure government only continues to grow, and that growth is seemingly permanent. Leviathan is a living thing that devours and grows. What’s the difference between paying protection money to the mob, and paying taxes to the government? That question isn’t so ridiculous when you consider how little the government actually accomplishes. Neither group gives you a choice in the matter. One will smash out your windows, the other will put you in prison if you don’t pay up. Neither group really gives you anything in return. One group is made up of criminals who pretend to be businessmen. The other is made up of criminals who pretend to be statesmen.

All the services that the government likes to brag about could easily be provided for more efficiently and at less cost by the private sector. One exception can be made. That’s the military. National defense is one of the few legitimate duties of a government. The rest is just stuff they took over to give them more power. The more they control the more say they have in a matter.

Thomas Paine said “Government even in its best state is a necessary evil, in its worst state an intolerable one.” Our government is fast approaching the intolerable stage. It doesn’t care about the people only its own power. Health care would be cheaper if government got out of the way, and allowed for people to really choose their own health care in the free market. Schools would be better run and children better educated if government didn’t have a virtual monopoly on education. Roads, and other infrastructure would be built more quickly and stronger if government privatized it.

But we’re not going to get any of that. In the age of Obama(and admittedly under President Bush) the role of the state is to expand and keep expanding. It’s about compassion and caring, and “yes we can.” It’s not about actually accomplishing anything. They don’t need to. The more power they have the less power the American citizen has.

That has been the goal of the left from the start. Expand the state so much that there isn’t one area where they aren’t involved, all the right can do is watch in futility as the state expands, even under their watch, and promise to do a better job at managing the Leviathan than the left did.

Our choice shouldn’t be between Leviathan, and Leviathan lite. President Obama is working at break neck speed to bring Leviathan completely to life. If he gets away with it there’s no turning back.