How Americans Really Feel About Illegal Immigration


Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) is launching a new activism tool to assist the grass roots movement to restore the rule of law and reverse illegal immigration in America by releasing the web’s most extensive collection of polls and surveys on the topic of illegal immigration.

This new web resource will be updated regularly, utilized by citizen activists, members of the media, and lawmakers. ALIPAC manages the largest archive of information in existence on the topic of illegal immigration and this list of certified and scientific polls show clearly that Americans favor enforcement instead of Amnesty by large margins.

“Our goal at ALIPAC is to unify Americans of every race and political party that show up in these polls as the majority view on illegal immigration issues,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “ALIPAC’s platform and organizational stances are selected from polls where we have a super majority of support for our positions. These polls tell us clearly that there is a major rift between the American public and the actions of the Federal government on immigration issues.

William Gheen has a high level of experience with certified polling due to his prior work in campaigns and elections. Mr. Gheen has created, commissioned, conducted, and researched polls during his work as a campaign consultant for over 15 years serving on 44 campaigns.

“I created ALIPAC because I have never seen consistent polling with numbers this high,” said William Gheen. “Poll after poll makes it abundantly clear that the American public wants our existing immigration laws enforced, our existing borders secured, and illegal aliens to go home. When such majorities of Americans are being told our national policies will be different than what they want, then the self governance of Americans is in question.”

ALIPAC expects the release of this information to play a major roll in defeating any new Amnesty attempts in 2009 although President Obama and Senator’s Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have promised Amnesty legislation by Labor Day.

Members of the media and public are encouraged to review and utilize ALIPAC’s poll and survey collection. Activists across America will begin sending this information to lawmakers immediately. Links to these new pages will be on the homepage of and

Both sites receive a total of more than five million pages viewed per month. To view the polling information directly, please visit and distribute these links…

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