T & E [Trial and Error] Health Care Won’t Fly

By: Ken Hughes

The Obama health care crafted by Trial and Error isn’t going to work nor can it be financed as proposed. A 5% tax on those earning more than a million dollars would soon be followed with a 10% tax credit as the media hype dies down. Then the burden of financing would be passed down to the worker bees that produce the honey for the Queen Bees to feed on. Congress is not about to bite the hand that passes out political donations.

The Obama plan is far from health care, it’s health management the same as in Canada and many of the European countries. Americans don’t travel to Canada and Europe for treatment Canadians and Europeans do travel to the US frequently for what’s known as catastrophic treatments. There were rumors [unverified] Fidel Castro’s first request for specialists when he was at deaths door went to the US before settling on Spanish doctors for his care. America is known around the world for the finest medial facilities and practitioners available anywhere. This is not to suggest other countries have inferior medical procedures, it does point out how government managed care is inferior to the private sector.

Health care in America does need an upgrade from time to time as all things do. Asking politicians to diagnose what ails the medial profession doesn’t make any sense to the average citizen. The liberal left created this Red Herring for no other reason than to gain votes in the presidential election of 2008. Universal Health Care [a misnomer] has been in the mix of presidential promises for the past 75 years and that’s all it’s ever been is a talking point. Turning health care reform over to a group of politicians is like pitting one dead fish in a room with a bunch of hungry cats, each will do whatever is necessary for their small taste. When the dust settles all there is left are a bunch of angry cats and one mangled fish and still nothing meaningful has been accomplished.

In order to improve the quality of health care in America first we have to improve the quality of our congress. The constitution of the United States of America is written on four pieces of paper and was read an understood by every member of the Continental Congress. Today a single legislation can be as much as one thousand sheets of paper and not a single congress person reads all or any of them. Those four pieces of paper we call the constitution have been the cornerstone of democracy the world over for two and a quarter centuries. Today congress can’t agree on a single issue without partisanship rearing its ugly head. It seems politicians sworn to uphold the concept of a Democratic Republic has lost sight of the original goal of a government of “We the People” .

When Obama and several congress persons were ask if they would opt for a government health plan for them selves and their families they of course declined to answer, as anyone who’s ever been to court knows standing mute is as good as pleading guilty. The current health care legislation is reminiscent of an Easter egg hunt whomever gathers the most eggs is the winner. It doesn’t matter how many of the eggs will be discarded or the waste they create it’s all about the numbers, primarily tax numbers. In the deep recesses of the minds of Congress their sole purpose in life is to tax and spend. Congress found a Messiah in Barack Obama who would lead them to the valley of the gold, little realizing Obama had no idea where and if El Dorado actually exists beyond his own dreams. Obama thought his charm would be enough to get him past the roadblocks his opponents would muster. Little did Obama realize his biggest roadblock would be American public opinion?

There is nothing wrong with the quality of health care in America. There are things wrong with they way it’s administered and those can be corrected without destroying the entire system which a government run health care would do. All the public need do is look at how the Post Offices, Amtrak, Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae work to see what will eventually happen to health care. At the rate the government has extended the national deficit in the past six months how can it be trusted to manage health care and not extend the debt beyond manageable figures.

The 111th congress under the management of Obama, Pelosi and Reid has created a debt generations to come will still be paying on when their grandchildren are still a dream. The house bill has more than health care at its core. For the first time in legislative history it has the term preferences replacing equal opportunity. Much of what’s buried in the house bill promotes affirmative action and reparations. The Obama people know they can ‘t put these things out front so they begin on page 800 of the house bill knowing few people will ever get that far reading the bill. Any bill as important as health care reform is worth intense scrutiny by both proponents and opponents. When a congress person says we’ll pass it now and fix it later we all now that later never arrives.

Health Care and Cap and Trade legislation are two things that will drive America out of the international markets as competitive traders. When the three largest nations China, India and Russia refuse to acknowledge green as a serious threat it should be obvious we are losing any advantage we have now as a world influence. Is congress and Obama deliberately trying to sink America and if so why?

Do not despair there’s hope in the determination of the American people not to allow this nation to become another banana republic. The public is better informed today than anytime in the past. For the first time in the history of the nation public opinion counts for more than political ambitions with the majority of congress, they know who sends them to Washington and it has meaning.

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