Blue Dogs will Roll Over and Play Dead

By: Craig Chamberlain

Republicans and conservatives who think that an alliance with the “Blue Dogs”, the supposedly conservative wing of the Democratic party, are in for a rude surprise. This isn’t the 1930′s when there were genuinely conservative democrats for the republicans to make alliances with to block to most obnoxious parts of FDR’s power grab. This is 2009, and the Democratic party is entirely controlled by it’s left wing, and has been for the last forty years.

It’s true that there are 52 members of this caucus, and some of the them, like Cooper of Tennessee, and Taylor of Mississippi, are fairly conservative and actually vote that way. But that simply doesn’t apply to the group as a whole. If anyone took the time to actually look at their voting record they would see that the blue dogs put party loyalty above any governing principle that they claim to have. When push comes to shove they will back Speaker Pelosi and her left wing platform. The Blue Dogs might have a conservative bark, but they have a liberal bite.

They might talk about fiscal responsibility, but they vote for bigger government. They might talk about energy exploration here at home and energy independence, but they vote for cap and trade, they might talk pro life, but they give all their votes to the most radically pro choice administration in history. They might talk about being business friendly, but they always take the side of bigger government, higher taxes, and the labor unions. There is a word that describes someone who says one thing and does the opposite. They’re called hypocrites, and with only a few exceptions the Blue Dogs are hypocrites.

For all their concerns about the cost of Obamacare, the outcome of the vote isn’t really in doubt. President Obama and Speaker Pelosi will twist enough arms among the Blue Dogs in order to help him pass his holy grail of legislation. Then it’s off to the Senate where it will face even less opposition, and then it becomes law and we all become serfs to the federal government.

Pelosi will pretend to make some concessions to allay their fears and concerns, concessions that will promptly be removed by the Senate. And when it comes to making a choice between their consciences, and party support for when they run for reelection, well it’s not going to be that hard of a choice. They are politicians after all.

The Democrats are desperate to get this bill passed, and, in the end, the Blue Dogs will be only too happy to oblige them. After all it fills their coffers for their next race, and if they manage to change the bill(even slightly) they can go back to their consitituents claim to have given them healthcare with no limit on care and a cap on cost(if you believe the Democratic Newspseak).

The Republicans have no cards to play. It will probably be a close vote in the house, but they are still going to lose. With the passage of Obamacare virtually inevitable it’s check mate for the GOP. Even if by some miracle they are back in power within the next couple of elections they will never be able to get rid of universal healthcare. They will be reduced to making the argument that they are better managers of an unconstitutional, unmanagable, prohibitively expensive entitlement system. Just like the Republicans couldn’t remove the New Deal, they won’t be able to undo this.

We’ll be stuck permanently with politicians controlling large sections of the economy, telling us what hospitals we can use, what doctors we can see, what medicines we can take, what procedures we can have done, or if we can have any care at all.

And you know what? It will all be thanks to a group of so called conservatives that we fall under socialism.

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