Sarah Palin, An Alaskan Enigma

By: Ken Hughes

To say Sarah Palin is hard to read is an understatement. She has some of the most astute minds in politics trying their best to figure out what she’s up to. The current game along the Washington Beltway is will she, won’t she and what is it she will or won’t do. There hasn’t been this much speculation in Washington politics since Ross Perot was a candidate for president. Campaigning is all about speculation, guessing what an opponent will do that may change the tone of the race. To date there is no race but the media being who they are, are out front doing their best to make something out of nothing. If Sarah Palin is planning a run in 2012 she couldn’t possibly buy this kind of advertising, all she can do is stoke the fires of speculation and pray they don’t burn out.

Sarah Palins curse created by the left is also her greatest advantage. Washingtonians are by nature elitists, they’re pseudo intellectuals who are usually graduates from one of the prestigious eastern universities. Few of flyover America attended any of the big 10 universities, in fact many never got to and certainly not beyond a local community collage. Sarah Palin may not have a law degree from Harvard but what she does have is far more valuable to the American people something they don’t teach at Harvard and that’s the ability to communicate with straight talk in words the average voter understands. There’s an assumption in Washington that all political wisdom is contained within the confines of the Beltway. We the people know better and occasionally let the politicians in Washington know we know. Sarah Palin is rapidly becoming the nation spokesperson out side of Washington.

Its obvious Sarah Palin has something to offer the voters other wise she would be a forgotten as the has-beens like her former campaign partner John McCain and those who went before. Sarah Palin is the lefts biggest nightmare for the next three and a half years even if she doesn’t run for president in 2012. If Bill Clinton thought he was wrapped in Teflon wait until we see it cover Palin. Palin is the quintessential target for the opposition. Like most political targets she can take the hits and still remain standing. Sarah Palin doesn’t need Teleprompters and writers to come up with spontaneous quips. She has the ability to capture the moment without help from the sidelines. Sarah Plain speaks in a language used across America every day, the accents may change but her words are understood by everyone.

Six months of Obama elitism is wearing thin with the public and they’re beginning to realize this at the Whitehouse. It’s time Obama stopped playing president and got down to being president. If that weren’t the case there would be no reason for the left attacking Sarah Palin. If she weren’t a threat why would they bother, the left is worried as well they should be. The Mainstream media can’t ignore the obvious forever at some point they must realize Obama isn’t ready for prime time. He isn’t ready to be the president of what should be the greatest country in the world.

Sarah Palin isn’t the first female leader to face criticism Joan of Arch was burned at the stake for her heroism. Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher faced opposition when they became Prime Ministers of Israel and England respectively. Their grit was questioned and both went on to perform magnificently. There is nothing in Sarah Plains past to suggest she can’t do the same. Women have stood side by side with men and braved adverse conditions since the Mayflower dropped the pilgrims off at Plymouth Rock.

At this point few people including insiders know what Sarah Palin plans for her future. One thing is obvious what ever it’s going to be she’s well on the road accomplishing it with a bang up beginning. Why did Sarah Palin resign the governorship of Alaska it could have been she realized the personal attacks weren’t going to stop and rather than subject an entire state to her attackers she chose instead to spare the people and face them on her own. I seriously doubt Sarah Palin has ever backed down from a fight fair or other wise.

Without realizing it the left leaning media is doing as much or more to keep Sarah Palin in front of the public as she’s doing herself. The more we see of Sarah Palin the more we see shadows of Ronald Reagan and Berry Goldwater the founders of the conservative movement in America. It’s refreshing again to see a national figure that doesn’t pander and doesn’t lie to make a point, this is a concept lost on the Washingtonians, lying, cheating and stealing seems to be the foundation of the lefts entire political programs. Every time American politics moves to far left or to far right something or someone comes along to move it back to the center where most Americans seem to enjoy their government operating from. It’s very possible Sarah Palin is that person, as a presidential candidate or a conservative spokesperson she seems to be moving in that direction.

When the country gets in financial difficulties it’s almost a given congress is behind it. Recessions are ended by the people not the government. Investments into the markets create products and jobs investment into taxes is nothing more than a form of government fraud. I would like to point out there are any number of states that produce raw materials critical to our industrial survival, in the case of Alaska it happens to be an abundance of oil. Alaska is the only state that shares revenue profits with all of its citizens every Alaskan receives a check once a year for their share of the oil revenues. That’s one kind of tax people can live with.

I don’t know Sarah Palin, I do know she’s one of the most admired people in fly-over America, meaning anywhere outside of the Washington beltway and the Harvard Campus. Would Sarah Palin make a good President, no one can answer that. Harry Truman was a maligned vice president and went on to create a prosperous free world economy that lasted until Obama came into office six months ago. Ronald Reagan was ridiculed by the left and it only made him a stronger president. Perhaps it’s time to bypass Harvard University for presidential material and look elsewhere maybe Washington is overloaded of Harvard ideology.

It’s amusing it isn’t the right keeping Sarah Palin out front in public view it’s the mainstream media and the extreme left. If Sarah Palin hasn’t intended to run for president in 2012 the liberal left is certainly pushing her in that direction.


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