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August 31, 2009

Obama to Appoint a Czar of Czars

Filed under: Politics In General - 31 Aug 2009

The venerable question that has bewildered scholars and thinkers of the Bolshevistic persuasion since Peter the Great is: how many czars does a czar need, and does a czar need a czar to watch over his czars?

The urgency for an …

America’s International Standing Founders Under Obama

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 31 Aug 2009

Once again, a dosage of reality is needed to properly assess the real effect that Barack Obama is having on America’s standing among the nations of the world. And as usual, the truth is far less glowing than the liberal …

August 30, 2009

ObamaCare Gets Religion

Filed under: Politics In General - 30 Aug 2009

Once the Obama Administration completed their goal of passing an enormous spending bill with the promise of stimulating the US economy, they immediately set their sights on passing legislation to control the health care system throughout the nation.

Palestine – What Is There to Talk About?

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 30 Aug 2009

Excitement mounts and expectations are raised as speculation increases that the man simultaneously wearing three hats as Palestinian Authority President, Fatah Chairman and PLO Chairman – Mahmoud Abbas – might be possibly meeting at the United Nations with Israel’s …

Black Conservative Lloyd Marcus Travels to Save America!

Filed under: Politics In General - 30 Aug 2009

Both of us type “A” personalities, my wife Mary and I forced ourselves to take a break from emails, computers, faxes and writing. We spent a leisurely Wednesday at our favorite New Smyrna Beach here in Florida. While chillin’ in …

Recognizing The Scent of Lemons: Thoughts From The Free Market

Filed under: Economics,Featured Conservative - 30 Aug 2009

Recently I did something I don’t do very often, I bought a new car. No, this is not a “cash for clunkers” story, but a brief look at the serious challenges that are faced by the free market in America …

August 29, 2009

CIA morale hits new low due to threats by Obama Administration

Filed under: In The News - 29 Aug 2009

During an interview on Wednesday evening’s edition of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” ABC News’ correspondent Brian Ross discussed the adverse effects of President Barack Obama’s aggressive investigation — and possible prosecution — of allegations that Central Intelligence Agency …

Why is China Flying Spy Satellites Over the US?

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 29 Aug 2009

Most regular citizens of the United States do not realize all the spying which is going on with regards to China in the United States. The Chinese have been breaking into United States military and government computer systems, and they …


Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism,Myths & Lies - 29 Aug 2009

By: Robert W. Kinchloe, M.D.

The current debate in this country has been labeled a “Health Care Debate.” In reality the debate is not about health care it is about government control and rationed medical care primarily to the elderly …

People Don’t Know What Insurance Is

Filed under: Economics,Featured Conservative,In The News - 29 Aug 2009

“It’s a myth to say our health care system is broken — it is the best in the world.” That politically incorrect assertion comes from a man with more than 25 years of experience working for one of the nation’s …

The Stop Gap Conservative

Filed under: J.J. Jackson's Opinion,The Republicans - 29 Aug 2009

Lots of people are wondering, even with 2012 years away, will the Republican Party learn its lesson? In 2008 the vast moderate (read liberal) conspiracy within the Republican Party got their preferred candidate in one Senator John McCain and …

August 28, 2009

Average American Derangement Syndrome, Part 2

Filed under: In The News,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 28 Aug 2009

The contempt and condescension of the left toward regular citizens has never shown itself more fully than these past weeks during the healthcare reform debates. Any person, from any party, who disagrees with Obama on socialized medicine, has been …

Healthcare Trickery & Scottish Wimpery: Headline Potpourri #6

Filed under: Politics In General - 28 Aug 2009

With Obama seeming to withdraw the so-called “public option” from the healthcare reforms being considered by Congress, many will assume that the battle is now over. However, things may be more dangerous than ever before.

The Torture is Just Beginning

Filed under: In The News - 28 Aug 2009

Another day, another round of insult to Americans and enemies of Democrats. You would think attorneys’ written legal opinions would settle the torture issue. They would, had they been issued by a Democrat administration, whether the current administration agreed with …

Open Letter to White Liberals from A Black American

Dear White Liberal America,

Thank you very, very much. You see us poor helpless inferior blacks, oh forgive me, I must be politically correct, “African Americans”, and you want to help us using your superior intellect.

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