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August 1, 2009

Federal Air Marshal Service: Study conducted to monitor effectiveness

Filed under: American National Security,War On Terror - 01 Aug 2009

Since that fateful day — September 11, 2001 — on which Americans watched in horror the terrorist attacks involving the use of commercial airliners as deadly missiles, the United States has not witnessed one airplane crash or passenger fatality at …

Roadblocks to Reform

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 01 Aug 2009

by Russell Shaw

What’s the biggest obstacle to positive reform in the Church? Reactionaries in the Roman Curia? Conservatives in the conference of bishops? The Code of Canon Law?

Medicare is a financial failure as will be Obamacare

By Ben Cerruti

According to the 2008 report by the board of trustees for Medicare and Social Security, Medicare will spend more than it brings in from taxes that year (2008). The Medicare hospital insurance trust fund will become insolvent …

The Help John Conyers Read The Damn Bill Act of 2009

Democrat Representative John Conyers, husband of the corrupt and convicted former Detroit councilwoman Monica Conyers, has actually said something that makes sense. It is a rare moment indeed for the often bumbling Congressman who I suspect on more than …

Why Sarah Palin Threatens The “Establishment”

The Republican Party continues to amass expertise in losing elections. Its current reticence in getting behind the momentum of Sarah Palin, now the former Governor of Alaska, unequivocally proves the point.