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August 4, 2009

Another Extraordinary Ordinary Patriot of the Tea Party Movement

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I met Warren Kaul when I performed at the O Town Tea Party in Orlando, Florida. He was manning the Fair Tax booth. On stage, Warren expressed his displeasure with Obama’s stimulus “nightmare” and his plans to transform America.

Warren was …

I Didn’t Think I Was Stupid Until

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I didn’t think I was stupid until I started reading the house and senate health care bills. The first halves of both bills are numerical references to things written into the bodies of the bills. In the main body of …


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“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird…a plane…it’s Superman!!! …who…fights a never ending battle for Truth…Justice…and the American Way!” from the “Superman” television program circa 1950’s.To promote these beliefs, we codified them into a Constitution. One of the …

Headline Potpourri #3: Jackson Clones, Radical Profs, & Eldercide

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Barack Obama has taken on the role of chief booze peddler. Hoping to smooth over the controversy that has erupted over the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, the President has invited the professor and the arresting office to the …

Liberals Striving for Economic Disaster

You know the media has turned into loyal lapdog terriers when a smaller than expected drop in the GDP is reported as a sign that the recession is over. I thought these guys were the guardians of the republic, the …