I Didn’t Think I Was Stupid Until

By: Ken Hughes

I didn’t think I was stupid until I started reading the house and senate health care bills. The first halves of both bills are numerical references to things written into the bodies of the bills. In the main body of the bill for every positive statement it’s accompanied by two or more ambiguous ways to back out if something goes wrong. Congressman John Conyers of Michigan is right there’s no way a simple congress person could ever read these bills and understand what they’re about. I would give my slot in heaven [or hell ] to be in the room when Obama sits down with congress and goes line by line explaining either or both of these bills. He’s not that smart in fact I doubt anyone could decipher the terminology in these bills due to the counter productivity language involved. There are actually caveats in these bills that make it a crime to enforce other sections of the bills. What this means is there was no coordinated effort among the many contributors to the formation of the bills.

I don’t intend spending much time reading these bills. For anyone interested both the house and the senate bills are available on line, http://help.senate.gov/BAI09A84xml.pdf. However neither bill is likely to read as they are now by the time they reach their respective floors for votes.

The significant thing about all this health care debate is what we’re learning about our congress and how inept they seem to be at doing their jobs. Nancy Pelosi is making health care second to a popularity contest of the political parties. Other congress person readily admits the wording in these bills is far to complex for then to understand. The constitution is written on four pieces of paper and lasted 222 years with very few additions or changes. Why would it take hundreds of thousands of words both spoken and written to create a health care bill that doesn’t have a chance of passing both houses of congress? Could it be hidden deep in the bowels of the bill are things our congress persons don’t want the public to know about?

The president doesn’t seem to have a grasp of what he’s promoting in the way of health care. Either he changes his position with each new speech or he makes it up all over again. Messiah Obama our president’s words are getting to the point they aren’t worth the stone tablets their chiseled on.

Since the beginning of time it’s been the nature of mankind to expand his horizons seeking opportunities that improve his environment. The pioneers go first and clear the land then the organizes follow telling the pioneers how to clear the land. It’s called leadership by organizes and dammed foolishness by the pioneers. The Pilgrims came to America to escape the very style government the Obamanestias are trying to establish here in America. In the 17th century the rich were ripping off the poor, in the 21st century the poor are ripping off the rich. In the interim America had a very good thing going, everyone had an equal opportunity if they chose to pursue it. The road to utopia is long and tedious; to date no tribe to our knowledge has gotten close.

In the meantime the American people will realize the price of Obamanomics [socialism] is a price they can’t afford nor will they tolerate. There are too many headstones all over the world that are monuments to our pursuit of freedom for our surrender now. A soldier in Afghanistan understands what it is to have a government telling a person how to live life, when he / she return they expect the same freedoms as when they left. Our military puts their lives on the line facing death 24/7 so the folks back home can live the lives they like without the government using taxes to blackmail them into submission.

When there are reports of earth tremors near Santa Barbra California it isn’t an earthquake it’s likely to be Ronald Reagan kicking and screaming at what’s going on in Washington these days.

For those of us who care freedom can be taken from us in a matter of days, it can take generations to restore. 30 years ago a moderate Iran fell to the Islamic fundamentalist. Why did it happen, because those who’re heard the loudest succeeded? The loudest are the dissidents who think they know better than those willing to accept their blessings without complaints. Every revolution succeeds because a few radials are willing to peruse their agendas while the contented sit back thinking it can’t happen here. And invariably it does happen here in many parts of the world, nearly everywhere dissidents get a foothold freedom loses.

Individually Obama’s plans for America sound noble, healthcare for everyone, save the earth from suffocation, redistribute the wealth to include the less fortunate. These are all things that combined into one grand plan give a small group of radical politicians control over most of America’s economic functions.

In essence it eliminates the private sector in favor of government run enterprises. There have been warnings thought the years we should never trust politicians to keep their word once elected to office. Political office more than anywhere else is survival of the cleverest. Every politician’s battle for survival begins the day their sworn in, all too often the best of intention must give way to expediency. Then there’s a second factor in this battle of supremacy over the American way and that’s the national media. They have, [let me correct that] they had tremendous influence in shaping Liberal policies in politics. There was a time when the media proudly claimed their independence from political influence. That changed when big money entered politics and the news media, today much of the mainstream media has become the propaganda arm, Lap Dogs if you prefer to the Washington Democratic establishment.

There’s a small book 48 pages in total printed and distributed by The Heritage Foundation that contains two of the most important documents any American will ever read. They are the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution . I personally purchase them two dozen at a time and hand them out to those people who insist things are either constitutional or unconstitutional depending on the argument they are making at the time. There’s no better way of proving a point than by using the facts as your supporting factor.

I’m sure Barack Obama thinks he is a well meaning man, all the dictators thought out history thought they were well meaning men until proven otherwise. Let’s hope Obama has a reality check before he destroys himself, he can never destroy America.

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