Liberals Striving for Economic Disaster

By: Craig Chamberlain

You know the media has turned into loyal lapdog terriers when a smaller than expected drop in the GDP is reported as a sign that the recession is over. I thought these guys were the guardians of the republic, the fifth estate, they never would have allowed the Bush administration get away with this. Where’s the outrage?

No, media outrage is reserved for Sarah Palin, New Haven firefighters and Cambridge police officers. There’s no time to report on corruption and incompetence when there is that much more urgent matter of proving who Trig Palin’s real mother is. They’re so clueless that the public could half expect them to assure us that prosperity is just around the corner.

Now, as conservatives we should never root against our country. There’s the Huffington post and the New York Times for that. If the recession were indeed coming to a close that would be welcome news. But all signs point to “no”. The GDP still shrank, that’s not a sign of economic health. Unemployment is still flirting with 10%, and shows no signs of decreasing even if there’s an increase in the GDP. There’s the threat of inflation from a three trillion dollar budget, a $787 billion stimulus bill, with calls for another one, record deficits, nationalized industries, and an obsessive push for socialized medicine which will certainly bankrupt the country.

Does any of that sound like a recipe for economic success? It shouldn’t. A high school student taking his first macroeconomics class could tell you that the economic moves made by President Obama are not the move one should make during economically challenging times. But they still want to push further. Nationalizing, and rationing, health care isn’t enough. Now in the midst of a recession the brain dead trust in Washington wants to raise taxes on middle class Americans to pay for these socialist pipe dreams.

Perhaps in my age my memory is beginning to get a little fuzzy, but I distinctly remember repeated assurances by then candidate Obama that tax hikes would only effect “the rich.” It wouldn’t be the first time that a liberal politician has downgraded what it means to be rich in order to tax more people.

After all, this is the President that promised to spread the wealth around. We shouldn’t be terribly surprised that tax hikes are now going to hit the biggest group of Americans and put an even further drain on any economic recovery. So we have Secretary Geithner, and Lawrence Summers saying that middle class tax hikes are in consideration.

Wow. Who didn’t see this one coming? This administration has only been too eager to tax and spend, and tax and spend some more. They never got the memo that the whole Great Society method of government doesn’t work. The truth, though, is even if they had gotten that memo they wouldn’t care. It’s not about results. It’s all a means to an end. It’s about power and expanding the role of the state. The more money that they have and the more money they control the more they can control from Washington.

The American people bought into the slick rhetoric, forgetting the past results of these programs when they have been tried before. Higher taxes and spending, as any honest economist will tell you, or any study of economic history will show you, stifle innovation, discourage investment, drive up unemployment and nourish inflation.

But, what can we expect from a cadre of socialists bent on nationalization and redistribution? This is what they want and the American voter gave them the power to do it. So, when unemployment remains high and inflation is crippling the dollar the American voter needs to remember that what they give they can take away.

If they give us economic chaos, the voters need to give them a pink slip.

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