By: Eddie Clements

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…” from the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird…a plane…it’s Superman!!! …who…fights a never ending battle for Truth…Justice…and the American Way!” from the “Superman” television program circa 1950’s.

To promote these beliefs, we codified them into a Constitution. One of the most important provisions … what am I saying, they are ALL important … is the First Amendment guaranteeing, among other things, freedom of speech. The Founders knew that a government operating in secret presents threats to individuals’ freedom; a free press is supposed to expose these threats. Thus by extension, Truth in and among government officials should be one of the most highly valued commodities in a free society. Any official playing fast and loose with the truth should be held accountable.

Beliefs of liberal-progressives are a mix of fantasy and hope. Accordingly, they prefer the blithe politician who tells them what they want to hear; Obama fills this role right now. However, the current President could not have done this alone; it required willing accomplices among media elites/liberal progressives. Barack Obama’s radical associations, beliefs, and lack of experience should have disqualified him.

What happens when the information the press conveys to citizens contains obvious bias and disconnects from actual facts – when they deceive systematically by omission or commission? Answer: the current administration. What would be the eventual outcome should that government, promoted by a mendacious press, seek to change everything the countries’ citizens have built over the years at great cost of blood and treasure? Answer: the ignoble end of the “Noble Experiment” in democracy.

The President says one thing but acts in the opposite way, and serious observers are beginning to say this out loud. I suppose it is considered bad form to actually call a senator, congressman, president, or other official “liar” – but what do you call them when that is what they are?

Change should take place slowly. Those who believed Obama would govern from the center were far gone on logic. He had never demonstrated any tendency to compromise during his short legislative or radical activist careers. The President and radical leftists in Congress are working feverishly to dismantle the mechanisms which showed the rest of the world that freedom works wonders. Freedom to worship, assemble, speak, enter private contracts between consenting parties, own property and profit from your achievements built a nation unlike any other before.

But to achieve his purposes required misdirection, thus Obama spoke the language of moderation. Actually achieving the leftist agenda has run into trouble. Democrats’ response has been to misdirect even further. The press has in its turn abandoned all pretense of fealty to its former mantra, “the public’s right to know.”
Now the obvious untruth is taken as status quo. This didn’t happen all at once. For years the voting public has been accepting the misdirection of politicians as something “they all do.” This has been made possible by the fact that we accept it, when it should have been rejected, along with the politicians who practiced deception.

Twenty years after the fall of communism in the Soviet Union, Obama ignores history, human nature, and unrelenting arithmetic to impose changes on our country neither required nor desired. He has called American economic traditions the “failed policies of the past”. He thinks he is saying conservative capitalism failed, but it succeeded fabulously. The policies that truly failed are those proven to fail in a seventy-year long experiment run in the largest nation on Earth, which eventually resulted in the loss of tens of millions of its citizens and tons of its treasure. Communism is the actual failed policy the current regime is rushing to resurrect here in the United States. The only way to do that is to re-package the old liberal-progressive canards as “change we can believe in.” The press participates shamelessly in this charade.

Such is the depth of Obama’s perfidy it finally appears the President is becoming the instrument of his own undoing. Without need to interfere or comment, he got everything wrong in his statements about Gatesgate at the end of his news conference on health care. He revealed his underlying resentment and unreasoned racism, while demonstrating he has no concept that he was elected to be President of ALL Americans, not just a few. Obama’s duplicity undoes his moral authority to criticize the system which made his ascendancy possible. His words and deeds bring shame upon himself and his house. Unfortunately, his house is our house.
All the contradictions could be catalogued here, but there would seem to be little purpose. They are so numerous, so egregious, so obvious, those who agree with the above narrative know of them, and those who don’t are true believers who won’t be convinced. So we, the rational, have to undo what has been wrought.

Defeating liberal-progressives’ agenda will be the most serious undertaking the citizens of our republic has ever assumed. Defeat it we must, if liberty is to survive. A nation based on fantasy and delusion can only fail. The first step is to recover the American way, which has been lost, and must include a return to truth. Today it is the most precious weapon we have, the only one guaranteed to succeed.

Eddie Clements

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