And They Say We’re Paranoid

By: Craig Chamberlain

The White House, or one of the innumerable czars that now infests the government, has taken to demanding that anyone who is against rationed, nationalized health care should be reported to the White House. That’s right if you’re saying anything “fishy” about Obamacare then it’s the duty of patriotic Americans everywhere to report you to the proper authorities. I guess no one in the Obama administration has bothered to read the constitution or heard of the first amendment.

Now, I could make the argument that this is wrong because if a Republican president had tried this there would have been an uproar. That’s an irrelevant argument for two reasons. 1) no GOP administration has ever tried anything like this, or a democratic administration for that matter. 2) It’s a violation of the constitution no matter who’s in the White House.

There’s only one reason the Obama administration would resort to this, and it’s because they’re running scared. They know they’ve overreached but they can’t retreat now, not when they’ve invested so much time and energy into nationalizing health care. If they fail on this, then any other achievement is going to seem hollow. This is supposed to be the keystone of the Obama administration, something that would cement his legacy in the history books. There’s just one problem: the more the American people learn about it the less they like it. There’s only one solution to people like that. Shut them up.

We have that San Francisco sycophant, Nancy Pelosi, calling honest Americans Nazi’s because they have the gall to go to a town meeting and tell their representatives what they think. The leftist parasites ruining this country know that they can’t defend there position. There’s nothing to defend, the emperor has no clothes. That’s why they have to resort to defamation of character and intimidation.

So let’s run this down. We’re the Nazi’s because we’re against government expansion (and we all know what small government advocates the national socialists were). Citizens are smeared as being part of a rent a mob because they have the audacity to express their opinions to their elected officials. So by the definition of Nancy Pelosi Nazism is now defined as an opposition to socialized medicine, and standing up for freedom of speech.

Yeah, that’s really naziesque. To believe the talking points from the democratic party anyone against Washington running your health care is marching around in jack boots, waving around swastikas, and goose stepping around. They have to be a rent a mob, they’re too welll dressed to be anything else. I guess to the elitist zombies in the democratic party anyone who is against their plan is a nazi, dressed in rags, and too stupid to oppose the President without being controlled by a sinister, shadowy, group of right wingers.

They’re the ones urging people to rat out their fellow citizens to the thought police, and denouncing anyone who opposes them as being a member to the SS rent a mob. And we’re the paranoid ones? If this isn’t a clear example that the left won’t tolerate any dissent, then nothing is.

A government that thinks this little of its own citizens doesn’t deserve to be in charge. Maybe the voters will remember that in the 2010 elections and spare this country the idiocy of the current administration.

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