Health Care II

By: Eddie Clements

Accusations are flying. Self-styled intellectuals want to impose government health care on everyone because it’s good for us, whether we are bright enough to know it or not. Anyone who questions proposals now before Congress are labeled mad mobs, disrupters of democracy, pawns of the insurance industry….NAZI’s.

Last administration, no one in the press criticized the posters on which were written things like “BushHitler”, or photos that had altered the former President’s visage to resemble one of the greatest criminals in world history. The Christian, well-meaning George W. Bush held his own office in such high esteem he could not criticize his predecessor once Bill Clinton attacked him. His reply was “it’s great to live in a country with freedom of speech”, a far cry from “we’ll hit back twice as hard” emanating out of the less-than-sterling cadre surrounding Barack Obama. Thus evidence mounts in favor of the Coulter Hypothesis: whatever liberals accuse you of doing is what they are doing.

If the obscenities issuing forth from Democrats concerning worried Americans represent hope and change, and concern for their welfare, the program would seem to need a little work.

But it doesn’t really need work; the program of command-and-control is exactly the hope-and-change plan. It just needs some tweaking to eliminate dissent completely. The thought occurs there is a team somewhere in the bowels of DC offices combing FCC regulations to see if there is a way to pull the licenses of Fox News and stations that broadcast Rush Limbaugh, silencing opposition. Congressional staff members are doubtless busily seeking rationales for changing federal communications laws to achieve the same result. They have to get around that pesky First Amendment to make things easier for themselves. If liberal judges affirm whatever the other two branches want, then so much for checks and balances.

People from other countries have at various times in my life asked, “What difference does it make who is elected? Aren’t they all pretty much the same?” It would be easy to think so…until such a time as now, when a stark contrast is presented not only in style but substance, philosophy, and temperament. Throw in a willingness to use assault and battery through thugs, and you have the first political gang to occupy the White House. They make the Bloods and Crips look like The Little Rascals. So is Biden Spanky or Alfalfa?
Much has been made of Rush’s comments in recent days, with the press trying to say he is calling Obama Hitler. I have myself in these pages compared Obama’s and the accompanying Democrats/liberal-progressives rise to power as a parallel to the rise of the National Socialist Party, NAZI’s, in 1930’s Germany. There is an important distinction.

Adolph Hitler himself is and was considered a madman by some, but not all. To many of his followers, he seemed at the outset like the man who could save Germany from what they saw as perpetual decline and injustice. Sure looks like a dead-on parallel between Democrats/liberal-progressives, with Obama as political leader, and NAZI’s.

Hitler’s approach to achieving the goals of saving his country was to embark on wars of conquest. He has been described as the last of the great adventurer-conquerors in the mold of Napoleon, Alexander and Caesar. Hitler was actually a hero in WWI, receiving medals for valor though he was just a messenger. To get in position to launch his aims, he had to gain political office legitimately. After some unsuccessful early attempts, his election was finally achieved with help from the famous uniformed brownshirts.

Obama achieved office without uniformed brownshirts, which would have been impossible in the modern USA. The press provided a suitable substitute for the brownshirts’ function. Now in office, there is no hesitation to use physical intimidation to achieve his aims. Violence is a tool to quash dissent, not conquer territory. This is obvious since there has been no condemnation from the White House of the heinous events of late, perpetrated by some of his union supporters. They didn’t just show up by coincidence. Their only mistake was in using the uniforms: T-shirts with “SEIU” on them. Taking fashion cues from Michelle Obama, the colors varied.

The above means Obama will use the law arbitrarily to get what he wants. Obama is a lawyer, not a warrior. If there is some act of heroism in his life I would be curious to know it. From Obama’s point of view, real justice comes through promoting his political/philosophical brethren to positions of power. Obama has declared war on American capitalism and its traditions. Those who disagree with him are the enemy, therefore there is no need for him to play the role of President of all the people. If one disagrees, they are obviously un-American.

The only way to facilitate this is to keep the media happy, so they don’t present the dark side of Democrats to Americans who are far more patriotic, dutiful, conscientious and honest than their elected representatives and the media who are supposed to monitor officials’ activities. Thus the media portrays dissenters as the real criminals, and just ignore the hired thugs. They are willing to comply because philosophically they believe in the same things as Democrats, including their own intellectual supremacy. The media are in fact Obama’s most aggressive and ardent supporters. Obama surely knows that if you control communications, you control the country.

I don’t care about the details of the health care bill any more than Congressmen who refuse to read it, and why should we? They promote this as one thing, but it means something else entirely. We don’t need any snake oil, thank you. The health care proposal will impose a set of requirements on individuals that will be distinctly unhealthy for liberty. We might survive the procedure, but be crippled forever.

The ultimate aim is to emulate a Canadian or British system where one may not pay to obtain medical services, such as a transplant. This raises the specter of court proceedings where the accused is charged with the crime of…attempting to prolong his own life.

Just how many degrees of separation is that from totalitarianism?

Eddie Clements

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