Will Kenneth Gladney get Invited to the White House for a Beer?

By: Craig Chamberlain

You know the Democratic party is running scared when they have to resort to beating up opposition activists in order to prevent them from speaking their mind. This really isn’t anything new. The Democratic party lost its mind when the New Left took over in the congressional elections of 1974. Ever since then the party of Jefferson has been seized by a totalitarian mindset. Absolutely no dissent is to be tolerated, and should you encounter opposition get your propagandists in the media to demonize them, if that doesn’t work send your stormtroopers out into the streets and beat them to a bloody pulp.

Just look to Kenneth Gladney of St. Louis Missouri. He’s a conservative activist who was beaten senseless by pro Obama thugs. His crime? he was handing out “Don’t Tread on Me” flags at a town hall meeting. Now, I’m not a constitutional scholar, but I’d be willing to bet some money that said activity is protected by the first amendment. Now, that argument only holds water with Americans who actually love their country, and care about their liberty. We should all know by now that the left simply doesn’t fall under that category.

Race shouldn’t have anything to do with this debate, but it’s unavoidable here. Mr. Gladney is an African American. He’s an African American who had the gall, the audacity, the chutzpah, to think for himself and speak out against the dear leader. After having racial epithets leveled against him, even by other African Americans, he was physically assaulted, and left with multiple injuries.

If Mr. Gladney had been a leftwing activist he would be the new Rodney King. His name and face would be none all over the world and he would be held up as an example of American racism. Heck, if he we’re a Harvard professor who was just asked to show some ID he would be major news and invited to the White House.

Instead the consensus on the left is that Mr. Gladney was an “uncle Tom” who got exactly what he deserved. That’s been the progressive philosophy from the beginning. Anyone who is against them is sub human. We’re all fascists, part of an angry unthinking mob. They’re the saints of reason, enlightenment, and only want what’s best for the country. Yeah, and the brown shirts were just peaceful street demonstrators.

Such tactics are not only universally despicable, they are a sign of desperation. People who propagate lies can’t have the light of truth on them, nor can they stand dissenting opinions. Just like the Islamists can’t stand anyone ridiculing or questioning Islam for fear that the truth of their religious beliefs will be all too obvious if anyone is actually allowed to talk about it, President Obama and his socialist street gangs won’t tolerate anyone questioning their plans to make America into a socialist nation. If you call socialized medicine a bad thing, or even insinuate that the President’s plan is socialized medicine, the attacks on you will be launched instantly.

The leftists parasites may not believe in God, but they do have a Holy Grail. For them it’s national health care. They know that when they can control your healthcare, determine what doctor you can see, what hospital you can use, and what medicine you can take, they know that they can go from there and take over the rest without too much trouble.

President Obama rushed to the side of Professor Gates, what about Mr. Gladney? Is he going to invite him to the White House for a beer? I doubt it. Professor gates was Pro Obama through and through, Mr. Gladney is a conservative. President Obama has not been able to show a high tolerance for people who disagree with him, so Mr. Gladney will have to recover from his injuries without much attention, or outrage, from the mainstream media, and he’ll probably be waiting a while for his invitation to the White House.

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