The Three Faces Of Health Care

By: Ken Hughes

I’m sure there are more than three faces to the health care issue but for the time being I’ll only deal with the three most visible. First we have the Obama plan which is ambiguous at best, it seems to change with each question asked. For every objection Obama has a definitive [almost] answer, he never seems to address the questions head on instead he has a unique talent for giving non-answered for answers. Obama’s answers are like popcorn, filling but not satisfying. We can only assume Obama has no plan. He only has a desire to control health care in America which is as much as a fourth of the national economy. All things considered and Obama is leaving it to others to work out the details.

Next there’s the Liberal Congressional house that has a plan consisting of more than a thousand pages that admittedly no congress person has the faintest idea what’s in all those pages. It’s this plan that mostly democratic voters [aka Nazi, al Qaeda, Taliban Terrorists according to Nancy Pelosi and her ilk] are questioning. Every despicable nuance known to man has been used by the left to discredit the questioning of what exactly is in this house bill and how it can possibly be explained to the public when most congress persons don’t understand it. The few town hall meeting held in person by congress persons are what town hall meeting have always been, a time when the folks back home get to interact with their elected officials. That doesn’t seem to be the way congress views town hall meetings. Congress persons see town hall meeting as “We talk you listen” events. And now congress has come up with something new, the telephone party line meetings, if the participants can’t ask question how can it be called a town hall meeting?

Then there’s the third bill and that’s no bill at all or at least not until congress and the president can convince the people it’s in their interest and not just pure politics designed to expand government influence over our lives. As of today the president has backed off calling dissenters terrorists even taking Nancy Pelosi to task for her Nazi Swastika remarks. This is precisely why health care as its being discussed will never see a full vote in both houses of congress. Obama would rather be praised than be president, presidents stand for something even when it wrong. Obama stands for nothing he’s an accomplished lyre without remorse for his actions. It’s more probable than not he doesn’t realize he’s a lyre it’s something that just comes natural to him. Obama is a man of words he uses words to mesmerize his audiences even when they are contradictory.

Government Health care was first introduced to the world in the 1880’s in Germany as a way of entrapping the German people into accepting the new Socialist style government. Hitler expanded health care into the National Socialist Party with the acronym Nazi Party. We all know how that turned out, don’t for a moment think it can’t happen in America, boys will be boys regardless of nationality and religious beliefs. Greed and power are the incentives and the aphrodisiacs politicians get by expanding government to meet their ambitions. There’s a segment of America that’s beginning to think and act very much like their Europeans cousins. It’s a small segment but perhaps the most vocal until congresses August recess then “We the people” began to speak out.

Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Something the president and congress seems to have lost sight of.

In 2006 the voters sent a message to the Republican Party, “Get it together or suffer the consequences”. Again in 2008 the voters sent an even stronger message, it wasn’t the voters were enamored with Obama and the liberal left it was they were discouraged with the lack luster right. Conservative ideology wasn’t living up to its potential, voters only have one way to express their discontent with their elected officials and that’s at the ballot box. Every voter knows they have a second and third bit of the apple every two and four years, that’s not much more than a nine iron stroke in real time.

Democratic congress persons are making the mistake of their political careers by misjudging the mood of the voters. A sure as the bunny rabbit lays colored eggs this attitude of disrespect for voters the Liberal left is showing toward their constituents will come back to haunt them next fall.

They can’t call the boss bad names and argue and expect to keep their jobs, The voters not Obama and not congress are the bosses let there be no question of that.

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