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By: William P. Frasca

The United States Government as we all know, unless you are so naïve or have the mentality of a babe in the woods has a vast network of corrupted politicians and political hacks. These thieves have been around for generations. Politicians have been elected and re-elected by the good citizens of this great Country only to live the luxurious life, while beefing up their retirement with multiple high paying positions and numerous illegal kickbacks.

These criminal enhancements, which have definitely increased with the unscrupulous robbery of the American people through the stimulus package, made an unholy alliance between the so-called political elite together with various departments, organizations and companies of the public and private sectors. This is most assuredly one of the most depressing times in our financial history. The sad development which we are presently experiencing unfortunately bounces in our own laps, primarily because we were so ignorant and blindly accepting the lies and the despicable forms behavior, in which elected and re-elected these contemptible political; maggots. Disheartening, because the majority of individuals, presently, running for political offices are unscrupulous. There are descent individuals attempting a career in politics, but their decency is usually defeated by the fraudulent and the dishonest. Hopefully we can discover these governmental rodents elected, appointed or employed, eliminating these fleas that are spreading this scandalous plague.

We freely permit our politicians to have lifetime occupations. Even if we vote or convict them out of office, the good old boy system keeps them in a lucrative position as high paid bureaucrats with minimal duties and responsibilities, which endorses no show capabilities.

Unfortunately, absolute power corrupts, and it is quit unusual that a political Party of any denomination of the Federal, State or local levels will police and investigate their own, because the skeletons might resurface in the same closet of the accuser. There are alternative motives if this actually happening? One obvious reason is to destroy a person’s opposition or future influential competitor. Another is an elected official, who is escalating in popularity, becoming so powerful they will change and shift the balance of power. So there are possibilities of miracles.

Why do we the people of the United States liberally accept these obvious, well publicized forms of corruption that are so well known? Even if you have no clue in our governments operations and basically don’t care, it still reflexes on all of us as a nation. We should have pride by never relinquishing even a small percentage of our constitutional rights and aggressively attack these phonies legally, through the courts and the ballot box, with close monitoring of their actions. We must have pride in ourselves. The definition of pride shouldn’t be ignorance, thievery, and the lack of self respect.

America is great, it will always be great and no matter what the President says and does we will never yield. Christianity is our rock and salvation. Christianity and our beliefs in God the almighty built this Country, together with our blood, sweat, tears, and Yankee ingenuity. No matter how they try to deny God, it makes our religious convictions much stronger. America will survive these turbulent times and rise up again like the phoenix, stronger and wiser.

We never thought we could survive President Jimmy Carter’s Administration and degrading Administration years, but we did, and then God blessed us with President Ronald Reagan and his leadership. We will survive this travesty and tragedy.

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