How I Made It On Obamas Enemies List

By: Ken Hughes

I don’t want to brag but the first day I heard Obama wanted people to turn in their neighbors for being anti Obama I signed up. I turned myself in and it was only a matter of days until I received an e-mail from Obama himself. I was so thrilled I forwarded it on to several of my friends. Since then I’ve received several more frantic e-mails from Mr. Axelrod suggesting the turncoats were coming to destroy America as Obama is redefining it. You can’t imagine the pride that swelled up in me to know I was contributing to Obama’s failing political failure.

It may sound a bit unpatriotic to suggest I want a president to fail but neither do I want America to fail. To me America is more important than one person or one group of people. Americans have sacrificed too much for to long to embrace European style socialism or any socialism even if it’s homegrown. Hitler proved it and Reagan reaffirmed it, if politicians want to control the masses give them things so inviting they can’t object, such as free health care. No one in politics explains every free gift has a price. Government can only give to the people what they first take from the people. The founding father built cretin skepticism of government into the founding documents. The first seven articles of the constitution explicitly limit the powers of government and those trusted with administering it. Every former president upon leaving office has warned of the excesses of the creeping powers of government [i.e.] congress. Mans natural instincts are those of a hunter not a gatherer, by nature man is still carnivorous they often become cannibalistic in their quest for power.

No president in our history has been more packaged for sale to the public than Barack Hussein Obama. Now that the package is open we discover it contains nothing but empty promises and a lot of heated air, there’s no substances to be found. Obama had it all going for him he was a well educated Black Night who came in riding a white horse waving the white flag of surrender, the meek were about to inherit the kingdom. And that’s the problem the meek don’t know what to do with the kingdom once it’s theirs and neither does Obama. The welfare society neither teaches giving or management it only teaches taking and taking doesn’t cut it in the real world. Someone has to pull the wagon not everyone can ride on top for free.

America’s been the most successful experiment in the history of mankind the only failures in America are those who work at it. For the past 500 years men and women have braved the odds to come to this new world filled with opportunity. How did those early pilgrims and pioneers manage without Obamanomics to guide them let me count the ways …….? America was created by men and women of substance and nurtured by greed, profits are the rewards gained from hard work which no one should be denied. On leaving office nearly every former president has warned of the evils of an expanding government infringing into the personal lives of its citizens.

Not since the Homosapiens ran the Neanderthals out of town has man been content to live peacefully with his neighbors. There seems to be that continual urge to acquire power and property. America was the world’s first experiment where we the people were the government. Americans have never embraced a government that dictates what they can and can’t do in their personal lives rather they’ve chosen to ignore most of what goes on in the nation’s capital and go on with their daily lives. That was until it came to Obama healthcare and that was a step to far for most of the nations population. Dictating the terms of life and death is not a government function nor should it be. The encroachment of liberalism has been embraced by a few and tolerated by many for the past 75 years but the Obama plan for America has gone to far to fast for it to be tolerated further. Most Americans are willing to accept the warts on the American system of government that’s prevailed for over the past 200 years. For most of us imperfection is a blessing rather than a course, and anyway who can define perfect for more than 300 million people and swear they’re getting it right is a fool, Can Barack Obama, I don’t think so.

My friend Conor was born in Belfast Northern Ireland, he tells his two daughters they’re American not Irish or English Americans, just American. Paul and his bother Pasko were born in Montenegro of Albanian parents they have a combined 15 children who are all Americans not Albanian Americans. These men came to America to be free of the dictates of Socialism they came for the opportunities this great nation offered and they took advantage of being able to prosper by the hard work they were able to perform not by the handouts the government wants to give everyone. We’ve been a free society for over 200 years because of immigrants like Conor, Paul and Pasko and millions more like them. Rather than becoming a burden on our society they’ve worked hard and willingly allowed society to become a burden on them. I can’t count the many times I’ve heard the old put-down “He / She doesn’t speak no good English” when it should be He / She doesn’t speak English well, usually when a finger is pointing at someone three fingers are pointing back at the one pointing.

There’s nothing wrong with America as it is that less government and more individual effort can’t cure. Reagan said it when he said “ Government is not the solution to the problem Government is the problem”. We’re not a perfect people nor should we be, there should be room for success and failure as long as everyone is willing to accept their contributions to either. The time has come for the average America to stand up and yell “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any longer” then maybe the Washingtonians will stop talking and start listening for a change.

”Failure has a thousand excuses, success has but one!”


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