Simple 2010 Report Card for “Blue Dog” Democrats

By: Guest Authors

By Richard Geno

The so-called Blue Dog Democrats refer to themselves as “fiscal conservatives.” There are approximately 52 of them in the House of Representatives; and they have been elected in congressional districts that have predominantly been won by Republicans in the past. Despite polls to the contrary, the left-leaning leaders in Congress have acted as though they had a “progressive” mandate. However, a recent Gallup Poll indicated that the United States is currently broken down into 40% conservatives, 35% moderates and 21% liberal.

In the 2006 and 2008 House races, it was the Blue Dog districts that moved the Congress in the favor of Democrats by a current margin of 256-178. While that is a very strong 78 vote majority, it only takes 40 Democrats crossing the aisle to block legislation assuming the Republicans remain united. It is because of these “fiscally conservative” Democrats that the ObamaCare bill did not get approved in the House prior to the Summer recess.

How fiscally conservative are these Blue Dogs? Remember, they all voted for Nancy Pelosi, the most liberal Speaker in modern day history, as Speaker of the House. The Blue Dogs voted to make the far left Henry Waxman the chair of the committee trying to kill American jobs with cap and trade, and the chair for the totalitarian rationed health care bill. They have voted with Nancy Pelosi this year a majority of the time.

In order to appeal to their more conservative districts, they might very well posture and pretend to object to the government takeover of health care. Yet, there still could be enough of them who vote to pass it this Fall – even though the people now oppose HR3200 by a 52-39% margin in the latest Rasmussen Poll. By the time Congress gets back into session, based on the recent trend, it could easily be 2-1 against.

Much like students applying for college, these politicians can be measured on a very simple ABC Report Card. During the 2009 session, there will have been votes on three transformative pieces of legislation that are all clearly defined in the category of fiscal conservatism. No reasonable person can consider anyone who voted for the “stimulus” bill as fiscally conservative. The same is true for cap and trade and HR3200 (ObamaCare).

Using classic college scoring, a 4.0 equals an “A,” 3.0 equals a “B,” 2.0 equals a “C,” 1.0 equals a “D,” and 0.0 equals an “F.” As a fiscal conservative, I suggest the following point allocation for the aforementioned three votes upon the completion of this Congress:

A. How did you vote on the “Simulus” Bill? A “No” vote equals 1 point

B. How did you vote on Cap and Trade? A “No” vote equals 1 point

C. How did you vote on HR3200? A “No” vote equals 2 points.

To the fiscal conservative voters of their respective districts, these Blue Dogs can take the appropriate grade to the 2010 Fall mid-term elections. Based on this simple ABC system, these congresspeople can get any grade between “A” and “F.” It is hard to imagine any congressional cycle where three more clearly fiscally conservative votes were to be voted upon.

This is a simple, understandable and reasonable way to measure the 52 Blue Dogs when they come up for re-election in November, 2010. It is only going to take 40 of these 52 Blue Dogs to lose, and Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker will end.

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