Another Part of the Scare Tactics

By: Brooks A. Mick

Has anybody else noticed the flood of health messages coming out of Health and Human Services and The Ad Council? (Note prior piece on these pages re the Ad Council.)

Lists of relatively common complaints followed by “Ask your doctor if you have Lupus!” Or encouraging people to pay attention to folks with psychiatric diseases like “bipolar disorder.” Next I expect scary announcements about athlete’s foot and dandruff.

I think the idea is to make more people worried about their health. The more scared people are about their health, the thinking inside the Democratic Party probably goes, the more likely they are to go for our government-run health care options. Of 49 campaigns currently running with Ad Council help, over half, 27 items, are health-related. This could just be coincidence, I suppose.

On the other hand, it could just be that there are a lot of organizations eager to scare people and stampede them into accepting some sort of public options or co-ops (run by the government) or “single-payer.” But really, isn’t it 300,000,000 payers? There’s no single payer–we all pay for it! Government doesn’t pay–they just handle the money. They are just middlemen brokers–but with ALL THE POWER.

Sounds good. Universal health care. Free medical care for everybody! Utopia will have arrived.

Utopia, Democrat style, means that taxes will go up, service will be slow and surly, and instead of public servants you will have more public masters telling you take a number, stand in that line, and get your ID cards ready. And telling your doctor what he’s allowed to do for you.

The false analogy being drawn is that insurance companies now perform the same function. Yes, they do, but it’s voluntary and contractual. And if you don’t like the insurance company’s restriction, you can appeal and it’s handled relatively quickly and often reversed. With the government, if there is any appeal process at all, it is likely to be slow and cumbersome.

Another statement used to argue against the current system is that it is handled by employers and there are limited choices. The solution to that is to change the system so it isn’t handled by employers! Give the tax deductions to individuals, not employers, and get employers out of the business of running health care! It will make our companies more competitive and it will not lock workers into a health plan tied to their employment.

Does it strike you that, rather than solve the problems of the current system, Democrats are simply determined to grab you by your health care and control nearly every aspect of your life thereafter?

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