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By: William P. Frasca

What’s wrong with this picture? When President George W. Bush was in office, he offered to the American people, a stimulus package. These additional finances were given, with a little arm twisting, by him, to the clueless Democratic elite, which went directly to the American people, the American family. Very few were denied this supplementary enhancement.

The Democratic Party under the leadership Hay, Nay, and No Way, together with the free assistance of the liberal main stream media, attempted with all their might, to discredit this program and President Bush. What was the constant rhetoric we heard day in and day out, on radio stations, newspapers, and television programs, and from the piercing squeaking sounds of the so called representatives of the people, that the average family, laughingly, would be receiving only a price of a muffler?

W. the following year was ultimately ambushed, with only a few months left in his Administration by fail financial companies, mostly because of issuing bad loans and investments, including a rapidly receding economy. He initiated another stimulus package, primarily to keep these organizations from collapsing. This bailout was mistakenly directed to these private establishments and not to the American people and taxpayers. This failed event happening within a short period of time before the Presidential and Congressional elections, sealed the faith of the Republican party, giving a free road and creating one of the biggest mistakes in United States history, by electing the chosen one, Barack Hussein Obama and his merry thieves of Democrats, who unconditionally control the Federal Government and the United States Congress.

The voters granted them unlimited Executive and Legislative powers, by eliminating our form of government’s most valuable tool, which is our most valuable checks and balances system. This was initiated and originally established by our highly intelligent, courageous forefathers, who knew absolute power corrupts. What ever happened to a government working for the will of the people, instead of the people being sub-servant to the will of the government? What ever happened to the muffler?

The new stimulus package consisted of monies given to failed banks and companies, unions, high perks to executives, pork barrel projects, corruption, increased federal bureaucracies, high unemployment, escalated foreclosures, denied mortgages and loans, closing of small businesses, compounded with a modest bribe of two-hundred and fifty dollars given to seniors and social security recipients. This enticement seems to have backfired, because the main assaults of Obamacare are the intellectually wise elderly, who cannot be fooled.

The abusive list goes on an on with no logical relief from this financial tyranny imposed on our American principles and way of life. Why are only a few courageous Americans, speaking out and defending our precious rights and freedoms, leaving themselves openly vulnerable to all these abusive reactions and threats from these slithering slimy snakes? Why are we freely accepting a give away of our American ideology? Where is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry and all our free spirited brave visionary heroes?

Any voices of protests are being silenced by the shameful, disgraceful and the contemptible, who are only concerned with their self serving agenda of greed and power. If you express one anti voice of degust, you’re considered a mindless racist.

Their logical world of intellectual deficiencies consists of only “The Party”, self preservation, and supremacy, not America or the American people. We must stop history from repeating itself. There were civilizations in the past who governed by using these philosophies, where are the now?

Hold your representatives feet to the fire and demand them to stop the bleeding. Strongly and aggressively stipulate, by writing letters, making phone calls, e-mail, faxes, attending all town hall meetings, legal means, and vocally protesting, speaking your mind, by demanding that they stop using our hard earned money and our children’s future as their own personal bank accounts, and playing serious unorthodox games with our freedoms. They work for you, not the other way around.

Capitalism does work, and the economy would have eventually corrected itself, without total government intervention, because the best stimulus is unlimited self growth and accomplishment. Remember the immortal words of our last Conservative President, the Honorable Ronald Reagan, when he said, the words that most Americans fear are, “I’m here from the government, and I’m here to help you”.

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