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August 24, 2009

Afghanistan is Worth the Time

Afghanistan had its second Presidential election on Thursday. The first election where there was real opposition to President Karzai. We’ve been in Afghanistan now for 8 years, we’ve accomplished a great deal, and we still have a great way to …

Barack Obama Makes Me Sick

Filed under: Politics In General - 24 Aug 2009

Barack Obama makes me sick. Indeed, that’s the best way to begin this article. In an era of thought police and correctness, it’s likely going to offend the group-think crowd, the socialist S.E.I.U. and Jane Fonda, but, being …

What’s the End Game?

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 24 Aug 2009

What is Obama’s ultimate goal?

Rush Limbaugh thinks it is the restoration of America to its rightful owners. He thinks Obama considers the wealthy, the successful, to have acquired their possessions and money by crooked, immoral means, and that Obama’s …

The Caretakers Aren’t Taking Care

One notable work of the estimable science-fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein was Farnham’s Freehold. Farnham had built a fallout shelter, now a real-world relic of the Cold War.