Barack Obama Makes Me Sick

By: Guest Authors

By: Greg Halvorson

Barack Obama makes me sick. Indeed, that’s the best way to begin this article. In an era of thought police and correctness, it’s likely going to offend the group-think crowd, the socialist S.E.I.U. and Jane Fonda, but, being conservative, I don’t give a damn. Barack Obama makes me sick. Hillary Clinton used to make me sick, and to a lesser degree still does, but way back, when she and B.O. were seeking the nomination, I experienced “change”—I began rooting, as inexplicable as it may sound, for Mama Shrill. Didn’t want to. Couldn’t believe it…. But there it was, nascent passion for a much-loathed figure whose likeness admittedly graced my dart-board. Hillary was “anointed,” remember, a shoe-in, and with Republicans acting like Democrats, I became resigned to Bill’s honey waltzing the Oval in which, upon a time, he impelled frat-fantasia. This was before I understood that “sickness” is relative, and prior to Obama’s Iowa coup d’ tat. The arrogant assumption of Billary (did I say that?) was being challenged by a “kid,” the leave-no-trace senator, and the daily delight of watching them fidget consigned me (temporarily) to the One.

Key word: “temporarily.” Obama, with an organized ground-game, focused handlers, and a rhetorical acumen that makes the reading of a Bob’s Big Boy menu sound like Socrates at Versailles, never looked back. His status as front-runner brought scrutiny, however, and as I assessed his chances, I began to ask whether behind the man there lay Truth. Unlike the “I’ll-think-like-you-do-if-you-like-me” crowd, I dismissed dismissals of Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, and William Ayers—associations too corrupt and radical to ignore—and saw immediately, the phoniness in Obama. You don’t sit the pew of a bigot for twenty years, lavish him with praise, then suddenly, when it’s no longer convenient, pull a one-eighty in the opposite direction. Tony Rezko, as I write, sits in prison. Bill Ayers hates capitalism. Barack Obama makes me sick. Lies are the “germs” of moral disease, and no one bamboozles more than Obama. “Ninety-five percent of Americans will receive a tax cut.” Lie. (Free-loaders don’t pay taxes.) “I will accept public campaign financing.” Lie. (McCain got taken to the cleaners.) “John McCain will give tax breaks to big oil.” Deceptive. (McCain’s platform included lowering taxes for ALL corporations.) Obama, who if he wacked a cherry tree would blame it on Bush, lied by omission, lied directly, and lied to cover lies.

Which brings us to today. The senator who became a senator by running unopposed, and who sponsored, as senator, the same amount of legislation as my Golden Retriever, now lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. (Pause, cold sweat….) And, as it turns out, I nailed him. Gut alarm, supported by a litany of False Claims, told me that this man, the champion of Change and the bearer of Hope, was nothing more than a power-tripping Marxist whose vision for America was and is “dependency.” So far, so good…. Van Jones, the Green Jobs Czar, is a declared “former” Communist. Carol Browner, the Green Energy Czar, toned it down to “socialist progressive.” And Ezekial Emanuel, the Health Care Advisor, ain’t fond of Granny when it comes to paying bills. But for lack of space, I would continue to describe the kooks, cads and militant wack-jobs embedded in czar positions, but I believe I’ve made my point—Obama is poison. America, not just me, but AMERICA is ill…. Cap-and-Trade, a bizarre composite of stifling regulations and rules that will vault the Chinese into Economic Nirvana, is half-way to being implemented, and Obamacare, finessed by the media, is seriously being viewed as good for “competition.” H.H.S. Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, said this week in an interview that “…the president believes that it is good to have competition for the private insurers who will inherit a lot of new (subsidized) customers, and without competition costs could skyrocket. In a monopoly system, it’s not a great way to hold down costs…. What’s important is choice and competition.”

Mind-boggling. Since when do FEDS create markets? That a person of her stature would conceive this statement is terrifying. That anyone free of dementia would SWALLOW it is even scarier. What next, Free Tanning? Universal Hair-cuts? My barber nails me for a Hamilton ($10) each time, so where’s the eight-tiered boondoggle to keep the man honest, and where, dammit, is the bureaucratic paper-pile that will “diaper” a nation of de facto sheep? I am left to wonder what Sebelius would say if, were she capable of clamming-up, I suggested that government STIFLES competition. What would she say (what could she?) if I pointed out that the lifting of restrictions on insurance portability (currently banned across states lines) would put her money (not ours) where her mouth is? Tort reform? Granting individuals (pardon the cuss word) the breaks received by those for whom they ply? Can you imagine what would go down if employees dealt directly with insurers? Oppressive mandates for effluvia might be scuttled. We might behold thrift. You might even notice the new liberal mantra: “No single-payer? Barack Obama makes me sick.”

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