What’s the End Game?

By: Brooks A. Mick

What is Obama’s ultimate goal?

Rush Limbaugh thinks it is the restoration of America to its rightful owners. He thinks Obama considers the wealthy, the successful, to have acquired their possessions and money by crooked, immoral means, and that Obama’s goal is the redistribution of wealth downward to those who haven’t earned it. Rush thinks that Obama believes the lower classes haven’t become rich because the wealthy have improperly taken their money and hoarded it, not because they haven’t learned how to earn more or haven’t the ability to earn more.

But what if Obama’s goal is much simpler? Looked at objectively, everything he has done and how he’s gone about it can be explained by one simple goal: The Destruction of Capitalism.

Why else give congress carte blanche to spend money on thousands of pork-barrel pet projects if your goal is to stimulate the economy? That would indicate a horrendous ignorance about economics. I doubt Obama is that ignorant. But if the goal is to destroy capitalism, it makes perfect sense. The best way to destroy capitalism is simply to spend it to death–bankrupt it. And America is the primary bastion of capitalism in the world. Obama didn’t care what was in the bill, just that it was useless and massive. The porkulus bill was perfect.

And then, rather than showing any reasonable sense of restraint, he embarks on the socialization of health care in America, and again, he doesn’t really care what the bill says just so the government takes over as much as possible of the health care of American citizens. It doesn’t matter if the various provisions are contradictory. It doesn’t matter if they are vague and malleable. It doesn’t matter if the bill is 1000 pages long and incomprehensible. It doesn’t matter if nobody in congress has read the bill. Indeed, the bigger, more complex, more vague, and more contradictory the bill is, the better! It is a perfect way to spend the country even further into hock, running up our credit card bills until there’s simply no way to pay them off.

His various speeches in support of this disastrous (for the country) bill indicates he doesn’t really care what’s in it. He’ll trumpet one aspect one minute, one sentence, one speech, and the opposite another. He’ll hold up Medicare as an example of how government can work well and then, in the next paragraph, claim Medicare is in need of total overhaul! He’ll do and say anything he thinks may get him an extra vote closer to passing the bill no matter what is in it.

From now on, just look and listen to what Obama says and does as it would relate to the goal of the destruction of capitalism and see if it all doesn’t come together.

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