Thank God And Got-Ch-Ya Liberals Are Losing

By: Ken Hughes

Who says got-ch-ya is a bad thing? Its bringing liberalism to the front for accountability. For the first time conservatives are out shouting liberals and liberals are crying foul. We’re seeing a difference between organized liberal protesting and grassroots conservative protesting and the left doesn’t seem to understand it. I’m a conservative and conservatives aren’t in the business of practicing rear view mirror politics. I won’t go into all of the insults and false accusations the left hurled at George W Bush during his eight years in office and by the way are still hurling. No president pleases all of the people all of the time but in spite of Bush fighting a three front war, Iraq, Afghanistan and Liberals in Congress the nation felt safe and secure in relative calm and all economic static’s were in line with what is referred to as good times. The day Obama was elected president the economy began to tank and has been going down hill since, don’t blame Bush blame Obama the new child-like president.

The problem was behind the façade of calm the practitioners of dirty liberal politics were studying the tea leaves. The tea leaves said the American public was ready for change. Change doesn’t necessary mean turning the world upside down and inside out it can mean modifying the direction and still not running the train off the tracks. For the past 75 years liberal / socialist proposals had been piling up in a back room closet of the house and senate marked “Things to get to Someday”. For the first time in nearly a century the stars lined up and liberals hit the jackpot, they held the majority in congress and the oval office. Now they could lump all of those old rejected liberal programs into one or two bills such as climate change and health care and bring 75 years of frustration to fruition. For liberal Democrats it was like winning a million or more dollars on the Lotto. Euphoria floated through the halls of congress like the cent of flowers in a spring breeze.

Former President Franklyn Roosevelt often used a cliché that can be paraphrased today and have an equally impressive meaning “The only thing the people have to fear is their Government” When the administrators of our government [i.e.] congress and the president resort to calling the voters names and making threats then when “We the People” question their decisions and its time the voters took a serious look at who they’re sending to Washington to represent us. Its time we send incumbent congress persons on an extended vacation and bring in new representatives, men and women who will represent the people to the government and not the government to the peoples.

Dirty politics isn’t new it’s been part of the process since George Washington made sure every voting precinct had a keg of his finest whisky at the front door on election day. One of the dirtiest fighters was Andrew Jackson he was a master at voter corruption. John F Kennedy got elected president by all of the graves stones in Cook County Illinois voting Democratic twice. George W. Bush was the second president chosen by the Electoral College rather than the popular vote. For over 200 years American voters have tolerated these imperfections in the election process but one thing they won’t tolerate is a president or congress walking all over the constitution. The Obama administration and the 111th congress have gone way beyond any authority the constitution gives them. Then they have the audacity to suggest because the majority of public is against what they’re trying to do the public is unpatriotic. There are times to listen and times to take action, the public is taking action. There are 300 million of us and only 535 of them its time for congress to do the math.

Not all congress persons are corrupt but most are timid who bow to the dictates of a few old Mustache Pete incumbents who hold the halls of congress hostage to satisfy their own whims. Seniority was never part of the process the process has always called for one congress person one vote. The workings of congress have become nothing more than mud wrestling events where the one who slings the most mud wins. I’m confident the 2010 mid term elections will begin to change all of that. In the past two national elections the voters have indicated they wanted a more responsible congress and look what they got, a congress out of control. The message in the coming election is apt to be louder and far more reaching than ever before, this time around many old congressional heads will roll.

Normally the American public is very passive about their politics. They usually accept what’s offered until it become obvious they’re being ripped off. Words are the mother’s milk of politics when the facts contradict the words then the voters react, when the voters react they usually come out the winner. The longer a person stays in congress the less they remember about the public’s participation in the political process. Politics is an addictive profession that often clouds men’s minds to the facts. Washington is a land all to it’s self, to its residence the land beyond the beltway is nothing more than a field of green [money] that provides the where with all for their existence. To the Washingtonians aside from the money the hinterlands are meaningless.

The 2010 mid term election may [should] be the turning point in who is sent to congress to represent the people. Congressional representatives should never again be allowed to call their constituents un-American and terrorists just to mention a few of the insults that have been passing from the moths of congress directed at the voters. If this is the mentality of the United States Congress then it’s time to look around and find a new congress. The Obama leadership is sadly wanton, congressional leadership is as far from representative as it gets. 2010 it a time for the change we were promised in 2008 and was sorely misrepresented.

“The only thing the people have to fear is their Government”.


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