They Got It Backwards

By: Eddie Clements

Jack Nicholson usually offers a slam-bang performance whatever his role in a movie. As a Marine colonel in “A Few Good Men”, he played a tough commander who had to make sure his men were alert and prepared for the rigors of armed confrontation at all times.

Of course, the colonel himself tuned out to be the real culprit ordering the death of a man under his command. The enlisted men who actually committed the crime finally got it: their job was to protect and defend, not murder arbitrarily.

Typical of modern-day leftist Hollywood, they indict the whole military as mindless androids who slaughter indiscriminately on command of officers half-crazed with jingoism. Too hyperbolic? No; hyperbole is Hollywood’s stock-in-trade promoting leftist propaganda.

The point here, though, is that like the colonel who had gone off the rails, Democrats have failed spectacularly in discharging their duties. It is not their job to mock Americans exercising their right of free speech.

If Democrats were really as American as they like to think they are, both in Congress and the White House, they would be sure the concerns of American stakeholders in legislation were aired. Those union members who beat up the conservative near St. Louis didn’t show up out of concern for the safety of the Congressmen. They showed up to crack heads of anyone who disagreed with their bosses. Their bosses received marching orders from higher up. I’m guessing right from the top.

In several of my writings, words expressed parallels between NAZI’s and present day Democrats. Let me be clear: there are definite parallels between the rise of Adolph Hitler and Barack Obama to head their respective nations. But Obama is definitely not Hitler. Hitler was crazed, deeply flawed personally. Obama is neither of those, though his political ideas and methods raise serious concerns – as evidenced by the response to his actions thus far and proposals for the “change” agenda.

But President Obama definitely has it backward. He is not there to rule as a prince, but to administer as an executive. There is a distinct difference. Rule has to do with applying law as convenient to justify force, the NAZI and leftist way. Administering has to do with applying the law equally, using influence and persuasion – with a little political maneuvering thrown in. That’s the American Way. We would like to think our president also is a source of inspiration, in the Ronald Reagan mold. This is a desirable but not essential quality of the chief executive; it would be quite enough just to demonstrate competence at the job he sought.
But dwelling on President Obama strays from the point; there is something much larger at work. The reference to NAZI’s goes to the behavior of Democrats/liberal-progressives in general and militant Obama supporters. They act more like brownshirts than serious defenders of democracy. Calling old people with hearing aids and walkers un-American and NAZI-like is precisely the description of those making the accusations.

The White House is being populated with a staff whose opinions are on the fringe of accepted functional normality. This cadre has no real-world experience in commerce, no connection to problems associated with managing large organizations, nothing but pie-in-the-sky dreams derived from academia. Few if any have had a real job; that includes Obama.

The WH staff looks a lot like the hangers-on, sycophants, fringe idealists – the type of cult worshippers that surrounded Hitler. Rahm Emanual seems like a sadist; what else do you call a hatchetman who enjoys inflicting pain a little too much? Gibbs as Dr. Josef Goebbels? I wouldn’t go that far; Goebbels was intelligent. Biden as Hermann Goering? Again a stretch, but the bombast matches. Eric Holder as Heinrich Himmler? Closer than one might think at first glance. That guy has not demonstrated any reason to trust him. There are more, but you get the idea.

Democrats in Congress grow increasingly shrill, incoherent, accusative and imperious. Leftist actions resemble those of brownshirts. How can one avoid the obvious comparison between them and National Socialists (NAZI’s) that took control of Germany?
It is too easy for the left to deny this comparison by saying the ethnic “master race” component advanced by National Socialists does not in any way resemble their ideology. They would say in fact, the left eschews such racism. Quite right, when taken as a stated doctrine. Recall, however, the Republican George W. Bush had the most ethnically diverse administration in history, far outpacing the left’s hero Bill Clinton, Democrat.

I would counter that leftists do, however, believe their own intellect, sense of fairness and compassion far exceeds that of the right. Senator Dick Durbin unequivocally affirmed leftist sentiment by saying during Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings that compassion is not in Republican white men’s DNA.

No one is saying the left wants to perpetrate genocide on those to the right. No one on the left denies they do want to marginalize, assassinate character, and vilify the right.

Let me be perfectly clear: Obama is not Hitler. What I will state directly, unabashedly, is that Democrats/liberal-progressives are very much like NAZI’s. They want to impose their ideas by force, not by influence. They deceive, misdirect, project blame, repeat disproven facts as truth, and try to silence criticism. But there is one glaring disparity: the vaunted German efficiency is completely absent. They are more like the Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight, or Keystone Kops.

That might be funny if the situation were not so deadly serious.

The administration and Congressional Democrats have it backward. Their job is not to issue warnings and suppress dissent, as if American citizens were potential aggressors. Their job is to protect our right to express disagreement, not trample free speech under the jackbooted heel of the oppressor.

Eddie Clements

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