Guantanamo Detainees & Obama Politics

By: Ken Hughes

Thanks to Aljazeera’s English addition we’re learning the Guantanamo prison in Cuba has an evil twin in Afghanistan. Aljazeera reports there’s an even more secretive prison on the US Air Force base at Bagram north of Kabul the Afghan nation’s capital.

I don’t have a problem holding prisoners of war. That isn’t the issue. The issue is using these prisoners for political purposes and the hypocrisy that surrounds them. According to Aljazeera English [News I find as credible as any of our domestic news sources] the Bagram prison makes Guantanamo look like a Club Med. Over 600 detainees are held incommunicado with no contact to the outside world. President Obama made Guantanamo prison one of the many cornerstones of his campaign without once mentioning the Bagram prison [all presidential candidates are briefed on curtail issues.] As President Obama expands the war in Afghanistan its obvious his opposition to Iraq and Guantanamo were purely political. If Aljazeera’s reporting is correct there’s a 50 million dollar expansion under construction, authorized by the Obama administration at Bagram prison. A logical person can assume the Guantanamo flap is a delaying tactic being used by the Obama administration until the expansion of Bagram capacity jumps from 600 to over 1100 prisoners has been completed then the Guantanamo prisoners will be transferred there with the explanation they were sent home or something less plausible.

Throughout history prisoners of war have been abused in order to gain information. It’s never the prisoners or their captors who cry foul the loudest it’s the do-gooders who’ve never faced an enemy close enough to feel the body heat. Warriors of every description and nationality know the risks of their profession the thought of detention isn’t any more disturbing than the thought of death. On both sides todays wars are fought by true warriors they are all volunteers. Men and women who chose to be warriors are willing to accept the consequences of their decisions that’s why they’re rightly called warriors and heroes.

Barack Obama and his ilk make decision based on political expediency and never on the facts then distort their explanations to snooker the public and the world. Barack Obama ran for president on a promise in his first 100 days he would make the lights of freedom and love go on around the world and everyone would lay down their arms and pick up a bouquet of flowers and embrace each other. His message obviously didn’t reach the terrorists that or they aren’t into hugging and forgiveness.

There are only two reasons for wars, one is to gain something and the other is to protect something. Any way it’s rationalized it still comes out conquering and protecting, usually the same reason apply to both sides just from a different prospective. There are only two reasons to hold prisoners of war, one to keep them off the battlefield and two to gain information about the enemy. Todays enemy Al Qaeda and the Taliban don’t take prisoners nor do they maintain prison camps. If they don’t kill their enemy when they capture them the reason is for the information they can get from their captives. For as much as the pacifists would like it to be there is nothing humanitarian about war. For people who’ve never engaged in the art of war to make the rules is ludicrous. There’s a barbarism about war that can only be justified by its victories. When the guns grow silent and the dust settles only the victors cause is viewed as just usually the vanquished continue to suffer their plight in disgrace.

The America media sits silent knowing Obama is pulling off another deception by feeding the media a lot of hype about where to house the rest of the prisoners being held at Guantanamo. Now we know where they will be housed, at Bagram prison in Afghanistan. Barack Obama ran for president assuming the antiwar group knew what they were talking about. Obama had never been to war and had never had any contact with the military, to put it mildly “He knew nothing”. Once Obama became aware of the facts the antiwar rhetoric became meaningless and the Bush policy made a lot of sense. Running for president is a lot easier than being president as Obama is discovering.

How does a political party vilify a president for eight years then when they manage to acquire total control over the government discover the person they were vilifying was 90 % right? They do it by manipulating 90% of the mainstream media coverage and hope it sticks. Thank God for a free press even if it’s from what our politicians consider an enemy supporter. Our media has capitulated willingly and fortunately not all follow the leader. We still have a free uncensored Internet, Talk Radio and Cable News to counter the Obama Administrations propaganda. And let’s not over look the American people who’ve risen up in opposition to Obama’s socializing of America. The liberal left just doesn’t get it they’ve been at the bottom of the morals barrel for so long they can’t see the light of day for the verbal muck they generate.

America is still the land of opportunity, no nation spends more money creating opportunities for the supposed underprivileged [i.e.] underachievers than America. Those unmotivated live at the bottom of the economic barrel because it easier to kick back and do nothing than it is to kick it up and do something. Liberalism promotes laziness and denigrates ambition. Liberalism survives by managing men and women’s lives from the cradle to the grave. It’s a shame liberals can’t compete on a level playing field.

Americans are standing up and a liberal government is trying to shoot them down. Obviously liberals don’t understand who the bosses are, “They-R-Us and we will prevail!


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