Senior Punishment

By: Guest Authors

By: William P. Frasca

The senior citizens, together with all the other social security recipients, which includes survivor children and the disabled are going to feel the wrath of the chosen one sooner than later. It seems as though there is a proposal on the table that will eliminate the cost of living adjustments for at least two years. There will be added burdens placed upon them because not only will they be subjected to no monetary increase, but it seem as though, Medicare and Medicare Part D prescription drug program rates will also escalate.

You might ask yourself this question, why would the Democratic controlled Federal government single out this group, which is one of the most vulnerable. These individuals contributed to the Social Security system for years, by working hard throughout their lives. They qualified by either reaching retirement age, being stricken by an illness, disease or being physically handicapped or by losing a parent. Some rely on this money solely for their survival.

Why would the government single them out, especially when trillions of dollars are being wastefully spent unscrupulously in the name of the stimulus? Is it just a coincidence or a well developed ingenious plan to save our economy from total shambles or is it secretly designated to stop a rebellion from escalating with the new health bill? Let’s independently review these documented series of protests submitted and logically draw a conclusion.

The resent events, which were happening at most Town Hall meetings, regarding healthcare is remarkable. The most aggressive age group reported who openly protested against Obamacare was those of elderly status, why, because they have the most to lose.

The stakes are high and all bets are in, because they’re actually wagering more than money, they’re wagering their lives on this so-called Socialist health bill, endorsed by President Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, in which only a selected few really understood or read the bill. This was stated by some Representatives, who are supporting the healthcare bill, by their own admission.

Should they gamble with each breath of life by following like meek sheep to the slaughterhouse in the name of the chosen one, Barack Hussein Obama? Should they be forced on bended knees and bowed their heads humbly, remaining silent in front of their executioners while they read and approved their death warrants? Should each and every one of them be intimidated or bluffed by their own elected public servants, sworn to uphold and defend America and the Constitution? Should they submit themselves to Government tyranny by accepting a proven inferior Socialist healthcare bill, which failed in Great Britain and Canada? Or should they fight for their rights as citizens of this great Country by exercising their Constitutional rights and voicing their opinions?

They courageously decided that the best course of action was to use their fist amendment right of free speech, protesting their anger at these town hall meetings. The last time they looked they were still living in America, the corner stone of world freedom. Unfortunately the self proclaimed “Chosen One” and his 1984 big brother is watching attitude, considers anyone who dares questions his authority or motives must be swiftly punished for their sins and forced into submission. Some of these individuals were also veterans, who unselfishly fought for these precious freedoms, together with the disabled and survivor children who are only guilty by association, by being members of the same group.

If this despicable form of intimidation, of twisting the arm of a targeted red lined group into total obedience, compliance and surrender, then this can happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace. No one is safe from our present day government consisting of arrogance, vengeance and retributions. You would see how fast these increases would be restored, if this group immediately joined the Obama healthcare camp.

We must never yield to tyranny, united we must stand strong by reinforcing our solitude in defending and protecting each others constitutional rights from unwarranted federal intervention. A government that imposes discipline and punishment to anyone opposing their agenda legally, without violence, is a government not committed to the will and liberty of its people.

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