The Torture is Just Beginning

By: Eddie Clements

Another day, another round of insult to Americans and enemies of Democrats. You would think attorneys’ written legal opinions would settle the torture issue. They would, had they been issued by a Democrat administration, whether the current administration agreed with them or not.

Barack Obama is not seeking to be the black FDR. He is fast becoming the democratically elected Joseph Stalin.

Since the opinions were issued by enemies of Democrats, witch hunts must be pursued to ferret out prosecutable parties. Show trials must be conducted to establish fear and loathing among those who would dare not conform to liberal-progressive orthodoxy.
This is an exercise in intimidation, not constitutional primacy. If the Obama administration cared a whit about the constitution, it would abide by both that document’s spirit and written provisions.

Attorney General Eric Holder reveals his sinister duplicity by chasing rabbits over torture, while declining to pursue charges against New Black Panthers who displayed an intimidating presence at voter stations. Not of equal gravity, to be sure, but the message is clear: you support us, you get a pass; political opponents, beware!

There is the larger issue, of overarching sinister purpose to every move taken by the Obama administration. There is a plethora of artificial crises running counter to accepted norms and traditional political practices. It was too easy to say they want to destroy capitalism. It begs the question, why? What do they gain?

Consider that capitalism created wealth like the world has never known. It supplies the mother’s milk of politics, money, to every politician. That’s the key. Democrats, leftist liberal-progressives by extension, want to corner the market on the money, ergo on power. Power is intended to be used as a weapon in a throwback to old-world ideas of despotism – trashing the enlightenment and turning the clock back to effective servitude. Unions, plant managers, systems as vassals to Democrats. Private ownership will become meaningless, withering into subservience to state control.

Naw! Conspiracy theory! Ridiculous rants! Impossible, illogical, where are the facts? What is the supporting evidence for such absurd contentions?

Any political argument can be picked apart if refutation of the argument’s meaning at any cost is the goal. Where public notice is unavailable due to the relative anonymity of the presenter, ignoring the argument serves to refute. If not possible, and facts fail, there is ridicule. Where ridicule fails, there is intimidation. Some favored tactics as examples would be “hate speech”, “fomenting hatred”, “public disruption”, “endangering national security” – I’m confident determined leftists like Holder and Obama can come up with more. Failing that, there is legal action on the basis of contrived interpretations – like the torture charade.

On the question of supporting evidence, where is the evidence to justify prosecuting US agents for torture in the last administration? What injustice is remedied by eliminating the secret ballot in union voting (card check)? If it took decades for the industrial revolution to create man-made global warming, assuming it exists, what is the evidence that trading paper (cap-and-trade permits) can ameliorate it? Where is the evidence that health care can be more efficiently provided by government rather than a variety of payers, among which we are free to choose?

Again, the last sentence provides a key: freedom to choose. All Obama’s agenda is aimed at limiting choice, not expanding it. By limiting choices, freedom and opportunity, an atmosphere of party patronage is created. If you want to start a business, a way can be found around nettlesome rules – IF your politics are correct. Those on the right need not apply.

Correct politics includes acceptance of union labor, carbon permits if you manufacture, green practices in all procedures. Bigger companies will pony up political contributions – AFTER sizable taxes – taxes which may be waived if you’re a good boy. Above all, the appearance of contributing to the greater good, and not accumulating personal profits, must be maintained. The left has an insatiable appetite for good intentions, regardless of outcomes.

What if Democrats suffer in the next elections – assuming there are elections? Will the march toward elimination of free-market capitalism, entrepreneurship and private ownership cease?

Not likely. Barack Obama enjoys a position granted to him according to his ability to moderate the left’s language into a program center-right citizens can accept. He is stumbling, attacked not so much from the right as the left. The center has seen his true colors, red as a cold-war Communist. His own supporters reject compromise with the right; that was the idea behind majorities in both Houses and control of the White House. The left believes reflexively their compassion and intellect is superior to the right. Compromise endangers the left’s program, to cut America down to size.

The leftist view of America is as a bigot-homophobe-jingo-greedy, dumb-cluck-redneck violent hellhole. America needs the redemption only geniuses on the left can supply. William Ayers is their poster boy. His violent nihilism is their standard that won’t be denied.

Because of this, there should be no compromise from the right. We must pursue our ends with the same zeal destroyers of all things American bring to the table. The only way to win is crush them completely. That is the game Democrats in the House play. To try and “reach across the aisle” is a prescription for a circular firing squad. The result will not be the bipartisanship envisioned, it will be co-opting the right into the left’s long-term plan: the remaking of America.

Hey – isn’t that what Obama wants? More every day are finally figuring out just what that really means.

Eddie Clements

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