Good Reasons To Fear Our Government

By: Ken Hughes

For the past seventy-five years the road leading to today’s power grab of the government by a group of modern day socialist posing as progressive reformers has been slowly and methodically creeping forward. Call Obamanomics anything you like, it’s socialism under a disguise of fairness. When they speak of the children and the poor these are ploys meant to tug at the heart strings of the public. If these so called progressives cared about children and the poor all the previous attempts at education and elevating the poor up from their plight would have born more fruit, instead people have became more reliant on their government. Education has been turned into class rooms for social reforms, the poor are taught to rely on welfare rather than use the tools available to pull them-selves up out of poverty. Reformers never supply the inspiration to make thing better only to make people more reliant on others. Far too many the motivations to succeed seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way in a river of self doubts and social benefits paid for by the producers in our society. This isn’t the America most of us know and love.

President Obama and the 111th congress seem to have forgotten that old time honored phrase We the People. The Declaration of Independence didn’t only free the colonies from the yolk of foreign oppression it guaranteed the colonials they would be free of all oppression, they would be the first nation on earth to actually allow the people to be in charge of their government. The founding father could not have imagined it would take 233 years for the experiment to fail. When the president and the congress can openly call citizen who question their actions terrorist, un-American and worse our democratic republic style government may be on the verge of failing. When the citizens are no longer part of the governing process the experiment is failing. As Americans we the people can’t allow this to happen, its time to organize and bring the tyrants down.

Americans either by nature or by guilt are the most accommodating and benevolent people on earth. When someone has an itch there are always those there to scratch it. America was and is settled by the less fortunate of the worlds populations, by the same token they’ve been the most ambitious and adventurous of their tribes. No one ever migrated to America for its government they came for the opportunities it presented. As a teenager and young man living as an expatriate in a foreign country outside of Untied States the stories of the streets being paved with gold still existed, of course what was meant by that was the streets in America were paved with opportunity, a country that had no limits on what could be accomplished with hard work and dedication. Even Native Americans who came here from somewhere else with none of the modern technologies found opportunity and prospered in their own way.

America was created by man and women with little more than a garden hoe and an ax. In the beginning there were no government programs guiding the way showing them the proper procedure for using the hoe and the ax. For more than 375 years with very few exceptions and certainly before Obama showed up Americans survived and prospered. Those who didn’t prosper did so by their own volition. The term underprivileged is an oxymoron it’s meaningless in the grand scope of things, privileged has nothing to do with success hard work and dedication does.

It seems every half century or so America turns another corner, attitudes and meanings change. America is on the verge of making another change. The American political system is unique in all the world, normally we don’t protest in the streets and we don’t take out our guns to enforce change. Instead we go to our ballot boxes every two years and vote for change. The American government was deliberately designed to be adversarial and cumbersome in order to slow the process and assure congress was getting it right. The second level of protection against an oppressive government is the election process where we the people decide who will serve and for how long. All too often we the people become lazy and neglect our responsibilities then about every half century it all gets corrected, America’s over the half century mark now and ready for a correction.

Something always triggers the need for public participation in the political process, in this case its Obama’s health care plan that no one thinks is a good idea. The ultimate cost of Obama care far out weights any benefits that could come form it. If the house version of heath care bill were to pass and become law the loss of individual freedoms would be devastating. Never in the history on this nation has the constitution been violated such as its being violated by the Obama administration and the 111th congress. The actions of Obama on many fronts are out and out illegal. The lies coming out of Washington are unprecedented. The left spent eight years trying to bring down the Bush administration without success. Obama on his own has been able to bring his administration tumbling down in only seven months. How much further and how fast his popularity spirals downward is up to him.

Men of presumed power frequently become victims of their own egos they become legends in their own minds, all the while having their egos stroked by underlings with agendas and visions of power themselves. Power not money is the ultimate aphrodisiac of most politicians they thirst for power and will make any deals with any devils to attain it. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a number of other Washingtonians have become so obsessed with their positions they can’t fathom anyone being over them in the pecking order of the government structure. These people have lost sight of the first seven articles in the constitution that explicitly limit the powers of the individuals serving in elective office. They’ve lost sight of “We the People” being the ultimate authority over our government. The people rising up in protest without resorting to violence speaks louder than the politicians of who’s going to win the current disagreements over the direction the government will take.

The only thing the people have to fear is their government


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