Ted Kennedy: No Lion Here

By: Guest Authors

By: Greg Halvorson

Oh, it’s just beginning, the sweet saccharine lionization and lauding of Ted Kennedy, the panegyric and praise and, of course, the revisionism. The fawning media will gloss the man over, shout, “Liberal lion!” But Kennedy was no lion. Mary Jo Kopechne would attest to that. “Would,” I say, because in1969, on a glorious summer’s eve, she perished in a car driven by Kennedy, who careered to the bottom of a tidal canal. Chalk it up to “Ted being Ted,” but the Senator scooted, notified no one, and at 3:00 a.m. complained to the manager (Hotel, Miss Kopechne?) about too much “noise.” Not unusual. I, being married, would also be cranky if I’d just killed a girl late-at-night not my wife…. Expecting child, Joan may have wept. And besides, Jimmy Carter—the same Carter who admitted to “lust” in the worst of the worst of all Playboy interviews—has deemed the man “honest.” In 1951, he was kicked out of Harvard, but who took Spanish in the 50s? It was only a test, and the guy he greased to ace it needed dough. If irony is your thing, 14 years later, Kennedy HAILED Spanish, “browning” America through the Immigration Reform Act. Gracias, El Leon! Who doesn’t love bilingual signs and the crushing onus of entitlement burrs?

Kennedy loved “entitlement.” In liberal-speak, this means spending money made by someone else to destroy self-reliance and entrench civic pork. Dems hailed Ted, whose double-standard is legend. In 2008, Harvard—yes, THAT Harvard—honored him (try not to howl) with a test-free sheepskin. Cheating, expulsion, and praise of your “example” is a PERFECT example of liberal elitism. When Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon, Kennedy ordained hubris. Quote: “Do we operate under a system of equal justice under the law? Or is there one system for the average citizen and another for the high and mighty?”

No surprise. As recently as this month, the dying Senator attempted to change a Massachusetts law which he strongly supported when its premise hurt Republicans. Joe Biden, nonetheless, deems him “fair and just.” But aborting fetuses isn’t just, and philandery isn’t fair. Reconcile Catholicism, abortion and drink, and you’ll compass Camelot and the lore of “waitress sandwiches.” On Kennedy Cape, welfare wins, Santa swims, and they quaff Bloody Marys.

Of the latter, Ted knew a lot.

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